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Mystery Shopping the Heartland

From Central Europe to Central Asia

4Service, established in 2001, is one of the most dynamic and innovative Mystery Shopping agencies in Europe.

As of 2014, we operate through our 200.000+ Mystery Shopper network in the 50 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans, Transcaucasia, Central Asia and other regions (see coverage map).

World-class companies partner with 4Service to monitor and sustain high service standards across all their branches (see clients). We win their trust thanks to experience, state-of-the-art shopper and data management processes and dedicated professionals always going an extra mile to meet our clients' needs.

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Market news
“Mystery Shopping” will be included in the practical training of Dutch students
Students from Nijmegen Vocational College in the Netherlands will become “mystery shoppers” and learn to look critically at fashion stores of the region. The regional fashion industry is currently in crisis, and students, who...
Lithuanian banks provide the best service quality among the Baltic States
The banks of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have been audited by means of Mystery Shopping. During the research, conducted by Dive, mystery shoppers visited banking centers and, according to the visit scenario, made enquiries about deposit...
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4 Service has increased the number of service quality audits in Kazakhstan by 53% since last year
4Service has been improving service quality in service companies of the Republic of Kazakhstan since October, 2009. More than 22 000 mystery shoppers in 75 cities allow us to fulfill the most ambitious projects from Almaty to Kostanay, from Astana to Atyrau.
4Service Scheduling doubled its number of service quality audits in 2014
4Service Scheduling has been helping to improve service quality across Europe in partnership with mystery shopping agencies, since 2011, and gaining an increasing reputation as one of the most innovative and dynamic mystery shopping providers for agencies, as evidenced by our very fast growth...
Increase customer loyalty with “live” call-center from 4Service
4Service “live” call-center  is a unique tool for conducting telephone surveys. During “live” call-center surveys respondents communicate with specialists, who act according to a specific scenario and find individual approach to each respondent. Their objectives...
How should shoe sellers address customers: shoppers’ expectations
The way how a shop-assistant addresses the client is the first thing that draws customer’s attention. The further interest to the product and the desire to make a purchase will largely depend on this first impression. That is why, for shop managers it is crucial to know what kind of...
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Testimonials about 4Service

As of this moment, more than 3,000 assessments have been made, an individual assessment form based on the current standards of our company has been created, regular reports on the results of...
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The work of 4Service Ukraine fully complies with the key principles of business cooperation and the fulfillment of mutual agreements.
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Fora LLC has been working with 4Service agency since November 2011. The agency has all the necessary facilities to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of Mystery Shopping.
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Over the period of cooperation, the company has presented itself as a stable and reliable business partner. 4Service confirms its professional status through its competence, activeness, and...
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It should be noted that 4Service agency provides not only a package of quality Mystery Shopping services, but consulting and training as well.
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