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 Analytics, the market benchmark

4Service Benchmarking– a real chance to come to know your competitor and leave him behind

A common person while making a purchase often compares the products and services of different sellers and companies and chooses the most suitable one. You will surely agree that it is rather sensible. The same thing is also done by a lot of business owners who compare their products and services with the offers of the competitors.

In order to detect the strong and weak points of the other competitors and to find your own place on the market helps a special service from 4Service which is called benchmarking.

Why you should come to know your competitor

Benchmarking can fulfil several important tasks at a time:

  1. Providing you with the most detailed information about your competitors’ state of affairs.
  2. Detecting the defaults of your business and presenting the ways of their amendments using the specific examples of other participants of the market.
  3. Comparing the service quality of your stores with other sale points with the similar products.
  4. Developing a successful macro-case in order to construct the service advantages and achieving the desired position

Benchmarking provides you with real notion and inside information:

about staff’s competence level;

about how fast the customers are served;

about how much the employees are orientated to sell the products;

about how polite and friendly the personnel are.

A competent benchmarking research is a great tool to increase the sales, the customers’ loyalty and efficient amending of the committed errors.

Why 4Service benchmarking works for 100%

In order to compare the service quality of your stores with the concurrent ones, you have to possess the detailed information from the “enemy side”. To obtain it in short terms is an extremely important task, which needs involvement of a large staff.

4Service easily deals with such challenges since we have at our disposal a great number of employees. 300 000 secret shoppers can turn the concurrent shops inside out at any moment. Well-prepared and with the clear plan of actions, our colleagues will find out for you all the secrets possible, will discover every single nuance and provide you with the most detailed data.

Our help in knowing your competitor – is a real use for your business. Comparing the results of benchmarking, you will know the truth about the service level. Our secret shoppers will help you to realise the boldest plans to achieve success.

With the help of 4Service benchmarking, you can fearlessly deal with the competitors, being aware of their weak and strong points. You will always leave them behind taking important decisions and, as the final result, conquer your customers.

Do you want to find out how the competitors work? – We will procure the necessary information!

Do you want to improve the business image? – We will help!

Do you intend to increase the customers’ loyalty? – We will provide you with such opportunity!

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