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Call Centre

«Live» call-centre: a competent communication with the customers improves your reputation!

When we decided to create a call-centre, we took our time to analyse our own experience of communicating with call-centres. After several interior surveys and focus group interviewing with detected the point that everyone disliked. We talk about robots. Everyone is familiar to this feeling when someone calls you in order to make a survey and you suddenly realise that it is not a real person you are talking to, but either a machine, or a person so clutched in the written scenario that there remains no desire to continue the conversation.

That’s why we developed the concept of the «live» call-centre. We use no standard scripts, schemes or modules. We gain the competences that allow us to act according the situation beyond the frames and individualize out communication with the respondents.

Daily work on business developing will have its results. The sales are increasing, the loyal customers become more numerous. But lots of current service problems often remain outside the management’s view. Your customers quite often remain unsatisfied after visiting your store and they can be easily taken over by a shrewd competitor. 4Service call-centre helps you to find out the actual situation and improve your reputation.

How the «live» call-centre works

4Service Call Centre is a unique tool for conducting the telephone surveys. Thoroughly selected employees are trained to communicate with the respondents. They get the feel of the scenario during the research, find a personal attitude towards every respondent and provide the full feedback between the company and the customers.

The main task of the call-centre is to obtain the necessary information from the customer. The specific aims of the surveys can greatly vary, beginning with reminding about the promotional offers and finishing with asking the opinion about a new product. Often it happens that during the survey the call-centre employee fulfils several tasks at a time.

The plan of the call-centre work is made individually for every client. Taking in consideration your preferences, we provide you with the recommendations of the experienced 4Service specialists. After the detailed plan agreement, the call-centre employees are trained to act according to the project specificity and then take a testing to verify the task comprehension.

Advantages of 4Service call-centre

Involving the 4Service «live» call-centre to make the researches offers the client the following important benefits:

The truth about the actual state of affairs. The received information from the respondents allows to detect the defects of the service and to amend them.

Income increase. A fast reaction to the survey data will change the situation. The number of satisfied clients increases.

Customers’ love and devotion. The improving of the service quality positively changes the attitude of the customers towards your business.

Audacity to realize the most ambitious projects. Using the quality feedback from the customer, you realize the boldest initiatives and beat the competitors.

Adequate pricing. We have all possibilities and resources to optimize the prime cost of the service, that is why we are stronger and more interesting than all our competitors.

4Service call-centre makes your dialogue with the customer the most effective. After communicating with our employees, the unsatisfied customer becomes more loyal. Your business’ reputation is improving for the usual people, for whom the business was created in the first place.

Do you want to know the truth from your customer? – Contact us!

Are you thinking about some ambitious project? – We will help you to realize it!

Do you want to increase the service level? – With 4Service Call Centre it is very simple!

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