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 Canadian Business Growth Losing Out to US Online Retailers


Canadian retailers risk being swamped by American online competitors this year, as US retailers are aggressively targeting Canadians. Internet marketing strategist, Tema Frank, is trying a new approach to help Canada's mid-sized and small businesses see the potential of online marketing and learn how they can compete in e-commerce.

Ms Frank has launched Canada's first internet radio show that focuses exclusively on the success of Canadian businesses online. The Frank Online Marketing Show profiles Canadian companies that are succeeding online and teaches others how they too can profit from the web.

For years Canadian companies have hesitated to embrace web marketing and e-commerce, confident that most Canadians would not bother with the hassle of ordering from abroad. Now US retailers are seizing the huge potential of the under-served Canadian online market. Troubled by the danger of Canadian companies losing out to US competitors, long-time Internet entrepreneur Tema Frank decided it was time to give Canadian business a push in the right direction.

The weekly Frank Online Marketing Show , sponsored by IBM Canada, features interviews with CEOs of small and mid-sized Canadian businesses that are using Internet marketing and e-commerce effectively to sell their products and services. Each episode also has a web-marketing "how to" segment.

"I don't think it is too late for Canadian companies," comments Ms Frank, "but this is a turning point. Either we seize the e-commerce opportunity now or we lose it to other countries."

Ms. Frank put up her first website in 1995 to promote her best-selling book, "Canada's Best Employers for Women." In 2001 she created one of the world's first website usability testing companies to have statistically significant samples of "Web Mystery Shoppers" give detailed feedback on the effectiveness of websites ( She signed up 75,000 mystery shoppers worldwide using social media tactics in the pre-social media era.

"I started Web Mystery Shoppers because it drove me crazy that it was so hard for Canadians to buy things online," says Ms. Frank. "Here we are over a decade later and e-commerce is still incredibly difficult for Canadians. The Frank Online Marketing Show is helping change that by inspiring and educating small and mid-sized Canadian businesses about how to sell and market themselves online."

The show has already featured guests such as:

Drew Green, CEO of which has venture capital funding and aims to become the Amazon Marketplace of Canada

Lisa Delorme, CEO of award-winning online dress rental shop, Rent Frock Repeat, which recently made a successful pitch on CBC's Dragon's Den; and

Jeff Booth, CEO of, which revolutionized the building supplies industry and now operates in 60 countries worldwide.

Ms. Frank is eager to hear suggestions of Canadian companies to interview, as well as listener questions to ensure that the show is dealing with their top needs. Businesses are encouraged to contact her via the website ( or on social media or by telephone.

Frank Online Marketing, division of Web Mystery Shoppers Inc., helps Canadian companies develop internet marketing strategies that will grow their businesses, through e-commerce and/or using online marketing strategies such as social media and website usability grounded in market research. Clients have included the Royal Bank of Canada, the Government of Alberta, Cruise Ship Centres, and many smaller companies.


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Direct line with your Customers

They criticize you, they write slashing posts in the social networks, they praise you eagerly to their friends by telephone or confiding their outrage to their wives. Or even more often – they just burn their emotions and remarks inside and, as a result, do one of two things. They come back. Or they leave you forever. They are your customers.


We are ready for everything!

For about 15 years the company 4Service has been working on researching and improving of customer experience. We possess thousands of eyes and ears. More precisely, we have 300 000 usual people at hand who want to make their customer experience better. We are everywhere: we speak 29 languages and work in 52 countries of the world. We have a powerful analytic centre, where we watch every slightest vibration of social opinion about you and your business.


For the only reason - to let your service have even more satisfied customers and make your business flourish. If you, just like us, believe that the devotion of the client is the main capital of any business, welcome to the 4service laboratory!

With us the good companies become the best ones. We help you to put yourself in your clients' shoes, to hear them and make them happy.

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Why do we do it better?

Why 4service
We love the good service ourselves
4service loves good service
We believe in its importance
We believe in service importance
We've been working in this business for a while

We are those guys who proposed the Mystery Shopping service for the first time in the former Soviet Union in 2001.
During this time our Secret Shoppers have given over a million of service evaluations of different branches, starting with fast-food restaurants and up to international banks. 4service became a major player not only in Russia and CIS, but also is growing rapidly in the European Union. We are the member of the leading International Professional Association of “mystery shopping” providers MSPA , and we are learning continuously from the best ones.

Our efficiency has
simple secrets:

  • 1. We trim the sails to the wind and we are using the most modern technologies in this sphere.
    Forget about the Secret Customer stereotype (Examiner), that was formed by TV. It is not a stress-show. Professional service of customers experience evaluation looks more like financial audit with involvement of analityc and special software. As a result - the insights about improving of your service and specific plan of action on your desk!
  • 2. We are committed to the five values of our company.
    About our values - Truth, Use, Love, Greed and Audacity – you can find out on the special page. We will just mention here that we consider each of these values absolutely seriously and sincerely. All right, we know that you are curious why we value Greed? In short, our Greed means our thirst for new tasks and achievements! It energizes us.
  • 3. We simply love what we are doing.
    We will not comment – just talk a bit with our team, and you will understand.

Are you ready to the changes?

So, you know the price of the service and you want some improvements of your company and, most important, you are ready to start.

But you are still not sure that what has suited to МТС, METRO, Ecco or Raiffeisen Bank – will succeed with your company.
No worries, just check out the compatibility of your situation with our profile.
For this you just have to drop in for a chat, telephone us or write us an e-mail.
You will get for free the list of our work examples in the cases similar to yours.

Sure you are ready!?

If you start working with 4service, there will be no formal "budget developing".

Oh no, we can’t do this way, every decision and every effort must lead us to some particular aim which will be definitely covered by the income increasing of your company.
So everyone will have to work. We expect our recommendations not to be put aside, but to be methodically realized. We have efficient means and technologies for motivating the staff for the changes and improving your service.
If you are not planning to fight for the result, better not contact us.
And remember: your customers - are your best teachers and counselors! We will help you to hear them. Better than anyone else )

* We believe in the return of investments!

P.S. And if You don’t believe – we will return them to you. ;)

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The trend in the recent years has been a passion for the spiritual practices, self-improvement, world cognition and adherence to the principles of positive thinking. These trends so densely entered into our lives (and it should be noted, they really work), that it is time to think about how to apply them universally. Of course, each of us spends a lot of time at work, constantly facing people. In the field of servicing the communication with people (customers) is not less important than the communication in everyday life. And here the positive thinking can help greatly for the sake of service.


The fact that the service is a critical aspect in the work of any company is not a secret to anyone. But this obvious fact was always perceived intuitively and was not represented in the figures. We have corrected this situation by the conducting of interesting market research, which determined the dependence of the average ticket from the client satisfaction with qualitative service.

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4Service Group should be recognized as a professional "Mystery Shopping" services provider. The Company has proven its customer experience high quality due to the professional staff able to cooperate effectively, to react promptly and to correspond with requests and needs of the client.


It should be noted that 4Service agency provides not only a package of quality Mystery Shopping services, but consulting and training as well.

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The work of 4Service Group fully complies with the key principles of business cooperation and the fulfillment of mutual agreements.

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