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A Mystery Shopper makes visits to service companies as a regular customer while collecting information and measuring service quality provided by these companies.

Who can become a Mystery Shopper?

Anyone who wants to improve service quality in his or her city can become a Mystery Shopper. Anyone who wants to have a delicious meal at a café or restaurant, make a hairdo or manicure in a beauty salon, fill the car at a filling station, buy food at a supermarket or medicine at a drug store on the account of the company for just completing a questionnaire about service quality in return.

A Mystery Shopper also should:

Be between 18 and 65 years of age

Be an experienced PC user and have stable Internet access

Have a mobile phone with a photo camera (or a photo camera)

Have a mobile phone with a voice recorder (or a voice recorder)

Be an honest, responsible, and attentive person

How to become a Mystery Shopper?

To become a Mystery Shopper you need to cover the information about rules and objectives for Mystery Shoppers and take a test to prove your knowledge. When you pass, you can choose interesting projects, read the instruction to a particular project and take one more test to get the certification.

Social mission of Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shoppers are conscious and responsible consumers. Their aim is to make service meet their expectations. These people not only dream or talk about change, they make it happen with their efforts, improving life for themselves and the others.

Become a mystery shopper by 3 clicks!

How to become a mystery shopper

Register and log in           

using your username and password

Certification of mystery shoppers

Complete training           

and choose a task you like

Taska for mystery shoppers

Perform the task           

fill out the form and get paid


About 4Service

   Learn more about 4Service      

4Service Austrian Holdings GmbH - an international research company №1 provider on the measurement of service quality in various branches of business, the level of customer loyalty and satisfaction, one of the most dynamic and innovative agencies providing Mystery Shopping in Europe and Central Asia.


      Network coverage - 52 countries, 29 languages.

Main directions - market research, consulting, Mystery shopper (mystery shopping), call center, interviews and questionnaires, work with a reputation and much more.     


Coverage Map

More than 300,000 mystery shoppers in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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Service starts with you

Imagine that you can change the world for the better. Have you imagined? Where do you start? With the surrounding space and yourself. Your house becomes individual traits, it is cozy and each day you want to come back home. The turn comes to move outside. And you encounter other people whose mood does not depend on you.

Why are there service errors: from the "Wow" to the basic requirements

The path to quality service is laid through the country of trials and errors, which the country faces by both management and a staff. The expert of the international research agency, 4Service Group, Eugeniy Lobanov, regularly confronts the difficulties and missteps that have plagued the company in pursuit of the quality service.

Training course

Training course for mystery shoppers

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