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Service management trends that will succeed in 2018

What should a service manager do now to be successful in the New Year?

Confess to yourself:

How productive was your year?

Are your customers and employees satisfied?

Does your service system work well?

Trend #1 Service standards for each point of contact

Develop service standards - rules and recommendations for personnel, how to behave with the client at each point of contact: style of correspondence, the necessary phrases for communication (better unusual, different from other companies).

Do research: what is the most often of interest or concern for your clients and develop a plan of answers.


Trend #2 Listen first

In 2018, the value of feedback is further enhanced.  When developing standards, ask customers what kind of service they want to receive, what do they lack? Conduct the research (customer surveys, focus groups).

Sometimes your customers do not need something what you consider necessary. And you need to transfer the focus to the other things.

For example, the bank decided to make repairs in the customers’ reception rooms, adding more modern details to the interior. A customer survey showed that they do not need it at all, but they want more seats and the VIP-reception rooms to be removed.

Trend # 3 Faster and easier

Use CES (Customer Effort Score) - an indicator of the amount of effort that customers are forced to spend to resolve their issue when interacting with your company.   

This is a new strong indicator of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Evaluation of the client's efforts shows the places where improvements are needed.

The less effort a client needs to make to meet his needs, the higher his commitment to a company that has been able to simplify his life.  

It is determined by the customer surveys - how difficult it is to make this or the other action related to the company.

Trend #4 Omnicanality

The approach, the principles of which is the integrity and consistency of user experience.

This is the mutual integration of disparate channels of communication into a single system, in order to ensure continuous communication with the client.

Among companies that actively use omnijective solutions are such giants as Disney and Bank of America. Disney uses absolutely every possible communication channel to make the client's experience easy, convenient, and enjoyable.

First, the company's website works equally well on any device, whether it's a desktop computer or a mobile phone.

Secondly, a special application allows you to plan the trip to an amusement park, up to the choice of places where you stop for lunch.

Third, in the process of rest at Disneyland, the company will tell you where are the attractions you are interested in and how long you will have to stand in line to them.

As for Bank of America, this financial institution is known for the introduction of various services so that their client can conduct the maximum number of transactions remotely, without worrying about the security of accounts.

And the main motto of the New Year is flexibility. Companies need to adapt to the innovations and demands of the consumers. Study your customers and make them happy!
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