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 Service starts with you

Imagine that you can change the world for the better. Have you imagined? Where do you start? With the surrounding space and yourself. Your house becomes individual traits, it is cozy and each day you want to come back home. The turn comes to move outside. And you encounter other people whose mood does not depend on you.


Shop. Queue. It is your turn to lay things on tape before the cashier and you find that people look at you with the undisguised hostility. And the idea is born in the head: "I would rather faster pay and leave".  Does this sound familiar?

You can affect it. You can make it that the service has really become the service, but not the tick in the quarterly report for the analysts. How to achieve this? You know that. It is you, mystery shopper, whom become a catalyst for the positive changes in the stores and companies.


Thanks to you the Burger King chain introduced a new system of staff motivation and increased the speed of customer service; now the order is ready for 2.5 minutes! It is namely your activity that has helped thousands of customers do not miss the important event, before which it was necessary to eat.

You have helped Hoff stores chain stores to become a company-greeter: the sellers stopped walking stone-faced; they started to smile and say hello. They started asking questions, sincerely interested in what the buyer needs. As a result, people have become more willing to make purchases in the stores, increased average check.

Because of your checks in the Zenden chain, the sellers became interested in the real wishes of their customers advising them the solutions to the problems. You moved the bridge of dialogue between the seller and the buyer.

Thanks to you, Perekrestok chain has improved its service at the counter: at the start of the project only 37% cashiers greeted the customers at the moment there are 90% of such cashiers already. Now the chain is actively working on the sincere service.


Every your visit, every profile is a step toward the harmony and mutual respect. You form an awareness of self-worth in people. You gave us the idea to create a live book of reviews for the chain X5 Retail Group. Now each of your reviews when going to "Pyaterochka", "Perekrestok" or "Karusel" will be taken into account and passed to the company management. You can leave the feedback immediately after the usual shopping simply by clicking on the link below

And after the next visit, after a completed questionnaire, think about: do your efforts will bring a good mood for the hundreds of people. Isn't that a reason to think that you are contributing to making the world a better place? We are confident, yes - and it is so.

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