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Study: What Romanians think about car services

The main problem of Romanian car service owners has become the lack of specialized workforce. The lack of good mechanics affects not only the business itself but also the perception of the customers. A study by 4Service shows what the Romanians do when they take their car into service.

Nearly one-third of car owners have used a car service in the last 3-6 months, while more than one in 10 Romanians did not even have a check for more than a year. When it comes to choosing the place to repair their cars, 54.9% of Romanians prefer authorized services. The second place follows the auto representatives, preferred by 26.7% of the Romanians, then the small neighborhood services. Only 1.6% of survey respondents said they were rather trying to repair their car themselves, or helped by friends than to go to service.

Practical prices weigh heavily in choosing a car service

The choice of car service is influenced to a large extent by the price of the work. Thus, for more than 58% of Romanians, prices are weighing heavily in deciding, while 3% of the owners say they do not look at money when it comes to job quality and safety. But money is not the only important factor.

It also has a lot to do with previous experiences that make drivers become loyal to a car service. Thus, almost 6 out of 10 Romanians say they choose the service only according to how satisfied they were with the previous repair. And the speed of repair, or, better to say, time spent in service, counts a lot for 44.7% of Romanians and very much for 32.2% of them.

More and more Romanians are guided by online reviews

Of course, the reputation of the service also counts. More than 45% of respondents said they chose the car service reputation, while one-third of them only go to the most popular car services because the reputation is mainly due to the quality of the works and the number of satisfied customers. But the opinions of others are not to be neglected. Thus, almost 7 out of 10 Romanians ask their friends, relatives or colleagues before making a service appointment.

Car owners also use the internet to search for reviews and opinions on specialized sites or forums. 69% of them have considered, at least once, the reviews and ratings given by other users on different online platforms, while 10.8% do not trust them at all.

In terms of spare parts, almost three-quarters of those who responded to the marketing research done by the 4Service Romania team prefer the original ones. Almost a quarter of respondents always choose the aftermarket, while almost 2% prefer the cheapest spare parts.

Romanians are generally satisfied with car services

The 4Service Group Romania study also analyzed the Romanians' impressions of their experience during the interaction with the auto service representatives. The degree of satisfaction in this regard is high. Most drivers say they also received an estimate when they left the car for repair.

Regarding the scheduling, half of the respondents said they were offered a flexible range to drive the car to service. At the same time, 8 out of 10 customers stated that the repair time was within the initial estimated time, with no delays. Just over 55%, however, received from the mechanics the necessary explanations or advice for the problems to be solved.

Three-quarters of drivers are confident in the expertise of car drivers

Ask for a score of 1 to 5 for the confidence they have in the expertise and professionalism of car drivers, 27.3% of them gave the maximum mark of 5, while the clear majority of 51.4% awarded the grade 4. Only 5% of the respondents do not think that the drivers that they have called are good at what needs to be done.

Regarding customer loyalty efforts, the above-mentioned study identified several shortcomings. A percentage of 77.3% of respondents were not contacted after the repair, or ask if they are satisfied with the interaction with the auto service. And the other 22.3% say they received feedback only when they went to repair their cars in car dealerships.

Although nearly 6 out of 10 service customers also received proposals for additional services such as revisions, additional checks for liquids, safety systems or winter, only 4.7% of them received loyalty offers.  


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