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 Why are there service errors: from the "Wow" to the basic requirements

The path to quality service is laid through the country of trials and errors, which the country faces by both management and a staff. The expert of the international research agency, 4Service Group, Eugeniy Lobanov, regularly confronts the difficulties and missteps that have plagued the company in pursuit of the quality service.

The main reason for the initiative comes down from the top. Director says: "tomorrow we are service-oriented company, do it". And he doesn't care how it will happen. No problem, the smart manager will do it, find contractors, conduct questionnaire, survey. He will collect data, present a report. The director is satisfied, the manager too. And where's the service? Where the long-term work? They do not exist as a phenomenon.

The main "trick" of the most of companies is to find poorly performing staff using a mystery shopper and punish it. To gather the employees at the meeting, scold them loudly at their level of service, but at the same time regularly tell that they must love each customer. Moreover, starting from tomorrow.

Checking: is would be better do not do it

Surely, once the management announces the launch of the mystery shopper "in the field", there is very a significant jump in the service quality. You can imagine what stress this is for employees. But after unpleasant month of checks and invitations "on the carpet", you can have a rest and work again halfway. The irregularity is the enemy of the service and its control. Mystery Shopping tool must be used regularly and bundled with other tools.    

It is necessary to discuss the results of the check, consider the motivation program, and decide everything together. It is vital to involve employees in the improvement of service quality, and not just stand there with a stick and claim.

"Wow!" is not needed (?)

Another reason for error is the pursuit of WOW. The management really has its "mind boggled" and on the sites are starting to require kissing each customer regularly, to make the service at the highest level. The head office loses touch with reality. And here the fails occur, because there are many factors that affect the service quality, with the desire to do good service always, the basic conditions are forgotten. The banal rules of hygiene are forgotten. Set up a basis and then play in "Wow!" as much as you like. The main thing is to stop oneself in time in the pursuit of service on the highest level.

Inside the company, you must build the requirements to perform the service quality standards. If the basic requirements will be steadily implemented, you can go to WOW. But before that you need to analyse the situation on the market, understand the client's need for thee innovation, and test in a focus group. If the answer is positive, then you should not run ahead of the whole: 2-3 WOW for a year would be enough so that not to overload the staff and the clients, but to receive the stable profit and increase loyalty.

The service of the highest level generates expectations. For example, a compliment from the establishment. "Wow!" overstates the requests. If even once this compliment will not be given, the reputation is ruined and there is a high probability that the client won't come back. It is best to announce the terms and time-frame immediately, "customized" the compliment due to date, important events, and activities. And to use this tool very carefully.

Will you buy an elephant ...

Another "sore spot" of the service is the additional sales, which at times reach the absurd. It is very difficult to sell the customer an additional service so that he didn't notice it. The client must sincerely believe that he needs this service or this product. Don't do this clumsy. It is clear that the service must generate profits, the expectations are behind it. But you cannot restrict the freedom of choice of the client, he runs from imposing.

In any fast food institution, the cashier can and should work with the client, to connect an additional sale to the holiday. For example, notify that the post is over, and they can pamper themselves with an ice cream. Yes, it's a familiarity and there is a fear for that. But here the dialogue with the client occurs and if the 5% become offended for the improper offer, then near 90% of clients will turn away from the "flog". And then the seller will realize that he is not limited by the framework and standards, he's not a robot, and doesn't not work on the template.

In the bright future of the client rightness

The rudeness of the buyer will grow: the client wants an increasing range of services, every time the better service. A new generation of buyers already imposes its needs, rather than asking or listening. And this seller will benefit who first will have a personalization. Then he ceases to be a customer and becomes a friend or a partner. You will not claim from a friend.

The best city in services is Dubai. There they have the tuned up service. But it does not go to the personalization. Yes, there is the best water park, the most expensive shops. Everything is got glammed up, sparkles and glitters. But all of this is depersonalized. For many tourists it is more interesting to go to Sri-Lanka, where there is a low level of purity, but you can easily hire a personal guide who will do exactly what the client needs. We must not forget the basis, but the future is for the personal service.

The future is not for the globalization but for the personalization.  Be a friend for the client and not the seller, and he will never turns away from your product.

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