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Analytics, the market benchmark

4Service Benchmarking– a real chance to surpass your competitor

The average customer often compares products or services before choosing the most suitable one for their needs and making a purchase. This is considered to be very sensible. The same is also done by a lot of business owners who compare their products and services with those offered by their competitors.

In order to detect the strong and the weaker points of other competitors and to find your own place on the market, 4Service offers a special service called benchmarking.

Why you should get to know your competitor

Benchmarking fulfils several important functions for its users. It:

  1. Provides detailed information on your competitors’ business situation.
  2. Detects any faults in your business affairs and offers solutions using specific examples from the way your competitors do things.
  3. Compares the quality of service offered across your stores with that offered by competitors selling similar products.
  4. Develops a successful macro-case to construct ways to offer better service and achieve your desired position on the market.

Benchmarking provides you with real insight and inside information on:

the competencies of your staff

how long your customers are waiting to be served

how committed your employees are to selling the products on offer in-store

how polite and friendly members of staff are

4Service’s benchmarking research tool is invaluable if you want to increase sales and customer loyalty and reduce the number of mistakes made during the course of business.

Why 4Service benchmarking works in 10/10 cases

In order to compare the quality of service offered in your stores to that offered by your competitors, you have to possess detailed information on what they are doing. However, obtaining such important information is no easy task and requires large number of employees.

4Service easily deals with such challenges given the number of employees we have at our disposal. We have 300,000 employees who are able to dig up the necessary information on competitors at any given moment. These employees are always well prepared and have clear action plans to uncover all information to bring you the most detailed data.

The information we provide you on your competitors is very useful for your business and our secret shoppers can help you overcome even the most daunting challenges.

With the help of 4Service’s benchmarking service, you can fearlessly take on your competitors with the help of inside information, knowing their weak and strong points. You will soon be able to make more informed decisions about your business, surpass competitors and increase your customer base.

Do you want to find out how your competitors work? – We can provide you with all the necessary information!

Do you want to improve your business image? – We can help!

Do you wish to increase the loyalty of your customers? – We can give you the means to do so!

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