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Call Centre

4Service’s «Live» call centre: a great way to communicate with customers and improve your reputation!

When 4Service decided to create a call centre, we took our time to analyse our own experience of them. After conducting several internal surveys and focus group meetings, we had discovered an aspect of call centres which everyone disliked: the feeling of talking to a robot. Everyone is familiar with the scenario: Someone calls you to ask you to participate in a survey and you realise that it is not in fact an actual person that you are talking to, but to an automated voice.

It is for this reason that we developed the concept of the «live» call centre. Our employees have no standard scripts that they read from when talking to customers. They are experienced in communicating with customers and handling a variety of situations, offering customers a tailor-made experience.

Working on business development each day brings results: an increase in sales and a rise in the number of loyal customers. However, there are still many customer service problems that remain outside of the management’s field of vision. Many customers can often remain unsatisfied after visiting a store and can be easily swayed by a competitor. 4Service’s call centre offers you a way to find a solution to this problem and improve your reputation amongst your customers.

How the «live» call centre works

4Service’s call centre is a unique tool used to conduct telephone surveys. Specially selected employees are trained to communicate with customers and provide each customer with an individual experience with the aim of gaining full insight into the customer’s feelings towards your company.

The main task of the call centre is to obtain certain information from the customer through surveys. The aims of the surveys can greatly vary, from reminding customers about promotional offers available to asking customer’s their opinions of a new product. Often, the staff conducting the survey are able to gain a large amount of information from customers by conducting one single survey.

The surveys used by employees at the call centre are tailored to each individual customer. 4Service considers the customer’s preferences when drawing up the surveys and offers recommendations of experienced 4Service specialists. After agreeing on the content on the survey, 4Service employees at the call centre are then briefed on the specifications and take a test to ensure their understanding of the task.

Advantages of using the 4Service call centre

Using the 4Service «live» call centre to conduct customer research offers the client the following important benefits:

The ability to find out the actual state of business affairs. The information received from customers allows clients to detect shortfalls in their customer service and rectify them.

An increase in Income. Acting on the feedback received from customers will cause the number of satisfied customers to increase, eventually resulting in a rise in income.

A rise in the number of loyal customers. Improving the quality of service positively influences the attitudes of customers towards the client’s business.

The ability to fulfil even the most challenging projects. By acting on customer feedback, 4Service clients can achieve even the seemingly most challenging projects and surpass competitors.

The optimisation of the cost of customer service.

The 4Service call centre ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of your communication with the customer. After speaking with our specialists, unsatisfied customers become more loyal and your business reputation improves.

Do you want to know the truth from your customers? – Contact us!

Are you considering an ambitious project? – We can help you achieve it!

Do you want to increase your levels of customer service? – Its very simple with the 4Service Call Centre!

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