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 Guest Track

4Service Guest Track – a unique online portal to track customer loyalty

Nowadays almost every company is trying to measure both customer and brand loyalty as well as customer satisfaction. Until now, this process has been quite chaotic. Companies receive hundreds of reviews and several lots of feedback on various different platforms. However, the lack of time available for companies to analyse the feedback puts them at a huge disadvantage, with every second wasted on manual analytic practises putting customer loyalty under threat and jeopardizing the company’s reputation. It is because of these issues that the service industry requires customer feedback to be digitized.

Measuring customer loyalty is one of the most important tasks of every commercial company. It is for this purpose that complicated marketing research questionnaires have been put together, new strategies have been developed and integrated and social surveys are conducted.

However, 4Service offers a completely different approach to measuring and tracking customer loyalty with its online portal Guest Track.

How Guest Track works

Each customer entering the store is keen to share his/her impressions on the following aspects:

the quality of service

any improvements which could be made to the quality of service

This information is extremely valuable for the company. Often customers pass on their opinions to friends and relatives, who then form their own opinions of the company based on this hearsay, rather than on their own first hand experiences or their opinions of the management.

4Service’s concept to collect and collate customer feedback is very simple. We have created a special product – the online portal GuestTrack – that gives the customer the opportunity to share their feedback on your company.

GuestTrack is very convenient for companies because:

it is accessible 24 hours a day for every customer through its «here and now» mode

it covers all groups of customers

it has very user-friendly

it provides management teams with a direct connection to their customers, allowing customers to express their opinions and management teams to have easy access to the information

With Guest Track, companies are able to gain insight into situations taking place across their branches by using a primary source and without the need for third parties. This also gives companies the ability to react immediately and implement any necessary steps to eliminate any issues

What Guest Track is used for

Using the Guest Track portal offers companies the following benefits

  1. Companies gain invaluable insight into the reality of the quality of service offered across its points of sale

  2. Companies have access to the digitalized results of service quality, giving them a detailed image of the quality of service provided. This in turn makes it easier for companies to improve the quality of service offered and prevent existing issues from recurring.

  3. Companies appear respectful of their customers. The GuestTrack portal increases the customer’s feeling of value to the company, which in turn, increases their loyalty.

  4. Companies can satisfy their thirst for information. Rather than the ad-hoc development of the company, strategies can now be based on actual data received from customers.

  5. Companies become more competitive and receive maximum loyalty from their customers.

  6. Companies can allocate tasks regarding customer service more efficiently. GuestTrack offers a one-click function to track the status of previously raised customer issues.

The GuestTrack portal creates a huge opportunity for companies to manage customer loyalty, develop strategies and set new goals to improve service, all based on customer opinions.

The ease with which the portal can be navigated enables the service-tracking routine to become pleasant and effective and makes taking steps to eliminate issues very simple.

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