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Market research by 4Service Group. Marketing research

4Service market research – an effective way to detect any problems or weak points in your business

All managers are aware that it is necessary to conduct market research in order to develop their businesses successfully. However, only few managers do it on a regular basis. This can be for a number of reasons, such as the lack of trained employees, the absence of a reliable database to collect information or a lack of skills needed to analyse and review the information collected. 4Service specialists can provide you with real help in collecting all the necessary information quickly and efficiently.

Why should companies conduct market research?

Market research is an important tool that collects information about the market, a company’s position on it and any weak points of a business. Promising results can be obtained from telephone surveys with the help of specially pre-selected questions.

The research can be aimed at collecting information on a variety of topics, such as:

Customer satisfaction of a brand within a certain sector

A brand’s recognisability

Outlining the main criteria for customer decisions

Customer loyalty levels

The quality of customer service offered across points of sale.

The research conducted through telephone surveys offers companies several advantages in comparison to face-to-face surveys. These include:

  1. The possibility of conducting simultaneous surveys across a large area
  2. A lower cost of research and a decrease in expenses incurred for business trips
  3. The ability to receive and process data instantly
  4. The full access to employees’ work while conducting the survey

Why 4Service research is always efficient

4Service takes pleasure in studying the market for its clients. We have “live” call centres manned by competent specialists, with each specialist having undertaken training and preparatory tests before conducting the surveys.

The information received during the survey is instantly uploaded to the 4Service website where it undergoes further analysis. The management team of the company that ordered the research can then analyse the findings and make changes to their business models in real-time.

The SHOPMETRICS software used to conduct the research, which was developed in the USA, allows the completed questionnaires to be processed efficiently and then analyses the information based on different parameters (age, gender, social status, place of living).

4Service’s service for market research is an efficient way to help your business develop. Our telephone surveys are constructed to detect existing issues and examine any specific problems within the business.

Management teams are able to discover the truth about their business situation and given the means to evaluate the next steps for development. No challenge is too great for 4Service, which goes the extract mile to provide you with positive results.

Do you want to find out customer attitudes to certain products? – We can help!

Are you trying to understand why customers are reluctant to purchase your product? – We can give you the answer!

Do you want to know how loyal customers are towards your brand? – We can provide you with the information!

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