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Become MS


A Mystery Shopper makes visits to companies active in the service sector, collecting information and measuring the quality of service offered by these companies.

Who can become a Mystery Shopper?

Anyone who wishes to improve the quality of service offered by companies in his or her city can become a Mystery Shopper. Anyone who wants to have a delicious meal at a café or restaurant, get a perfect haircut or manicure in a beauty salon, fill their car at a gas station, buy food at a supermarket or medicine at a drug store can do so in return for completing a survey on the quality of service offered.

A Mystery Shopper should:

Be between 18 and 65 years old

Be an experienced PC user and have a reliable Internet connection

Have a mobile phone with a camera (or an actual camera)

Have a mobile phone with a voice recorder (or an actual voice recorder)

Be honest, responsible and attentive

How to become a Mystery Shopper?

To become a Mystery Shopper you must first read the information relating to the rules and objectives for Mystery Shoppers. Then you must take a test to prove your knowledge. Once you pass the test, you can then choose interesting projects, read the instruction of a particular project and take one more test to get the certification.

Social mission of Mystery Shoppers

Mystery Shoppers are conscious and responsible consumers. Their aim is to make sure the quality of service meets their expectations and the expectations of those around them. These people not only dream or talk about change, they make it happen with their efforts and thus improve their own life as well as that of others around them.

Become a mystery shopper in 3 clicks!

How to become a mystery shopper

Register and log in           

using your username and password

Certification of mystery shoppers

Complete the training           

and choose a Mystery Shopping task you like

Taska for mystery shoppers

Perform the task,           

fill out the questionnaire and get paid


About 4Service

   Learn more about 4Service      

4Service Austrian Holdings GmbH is an international research company. It provides services aimed to measure service quality in various business sectors, as well as the level of customer loyalty and satisfaction. It is also one of the most dynamic and innovative Mystery Shopping service providers in Europe and Central Asia.


      Network coverage - 52 countries, 29 languages.

Main activities - market research, consulting, Mystery Shopping, call center services, interviews and questionnaires and more.     


Coverage Map

More than 300,000 mystery shoppers in the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

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Romanians buy the supplies according to the price and the preferences of the children

A recent study by the 4Service Group shows what the Romanians think about school stationery discounts

What Romanians say about 4 and 5 star hotels. Study: Are tourists treated like they should in the top Romanian hotels?

Romanian tourism has evolved much in recent years. And hotels, especially the 4 and 5 stars, are making considerable efforts to meet the tourists' claims. A study by the market research company 4Service Romania, on 42 hotels from us, reveals the Romanians' opinion about the services of the hospitality industry.

Training course

Training course for mystery shoppers

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General questions

What do I need to be assigned a visit?

- At your personal page at go to “Open Opportunities” section to see the available projects in Your area. At this stage you will see the industry (bank or restaurant, for example), addresses of locations to be shopped, timeframe, scenario specifics and the shopper pay we offer for this particular assignment.

- Choose the project You like, then go to “Certifications” section. You can only get an assignment after You successfully pass the certification for that project. Each project has its own certification, due to differences between projects. After You pass the certification You can apply for service evaluation jobs.

- During the next 12-14 hours Your application will be reviewed by 4Service team and either approved or declined.

- In case it is approved, You’ll receive an email notification stating that You are given the assignment and 4Service is expecting You to complete it until a certain deadline (stated in the message) and enter it into our system within 12 hours after the visit. Check Your mail and even the spam-box from time to time as the notification might end up there. You might also receive a call from 4Service team prior to Your visit.

IMPORTANT! The visit assigned to you will appear in “Inbox” on your personal page. The empty report form will now be available to you for filling in (after completing the visit).

- If Your application is declined, You’ll receive an email message stating the evaluation has been assigned to another shopper. In most cases, there are more than one mystery shopper applying for every service evaluation job (so we can choose shoppers that showed the best fieldwork quality in the past). Don’t get upset – there surely will be many more chances to mystery shop with us!

How can I check my certification score?

From your personal page at go to “Certification” section, then to “Completed” subsection, where you’ll be able to see your scores on all certifications you’ve done.

How can I refuse from a visit already assigned to me?

To refuse a visit already assigned to you, go to your personal page at and at “Inbox” section choose the visit you’d like to refuse from. A question will appear to make sure you want to turn down a visit – press OK and specify why you opted to refuse an assignment.

How can I become a Mystery Shopper? What should I do to participate in the project?

In order to participate in the projects you need to register at the website

You can download the formal offers for review.

After you have filled in the questionnaire, you will be sent login and password to your email in order to get an access to your personal account.

Afterwords you will go through the training course aimed at clarifying and highlightening of the survey details. After successful test passing you will be provided all current vacancies in your region to join. You have to choose a location, apply and study an instruction as well as complete a questionnaire at the end.

You will work in your personal account and have an access to review all your audits approved by a client before payment.

How can I check if I have filled in the report form correctly?

To make sure you have filled everything alright, press button "Check Complete (takes a few seconds)" at the end of the form. Any fields you skipped will be highlighted in red. If the report is filled in correctly, after pressing "Check Complete (takes a few seconds)" you’ll see a pop-up window saying "Survey Completed".

How do I attach a photo/audio/archive file to my report?

To attach a file to your report go down to the report bottom and press Upload Image/Document” botton, choose the files you wish to upload and press “upload”.


How to make a successful visit?

Attentively read brief information to the survey and the survey itself before the visit. Attentively read the instruction to the visit and also pay attention to obligatory artifacts and important moments to be noticed during the visit. Pass the certification before the visit.

What is a “blank visit”?

This is a visit that was made by the address that doesn’t exist or when the location was closed.

What should I do and what would I get if the location was closed?

If the location is closed (make sure you checked the opening and working hours of the location) or if the needed location doesn’t exist by the indicated address, take the facade photo and also photos of the objects on the right and on the left.

What does “scenario violation” mean and why the payment is cancelled for such visits?

There are different types of “scenario violation”: artifacts absence or artifacts discrepancy (photos were downloaded from the Internet); instruction requirements weren’t met. If you violated the scenario the company has the right not to pay you for such visits.


How is the payment made?

The payment is made via PayPal. .

What is PayPal?

Please go to ссылке

What are the payment terms?

You will receive payment after the 20th of the next month within 30 days . The payments cannot be sent simultaneously, but within 30 days due to a large transaction volumes. In the following countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkmenistan, Montenegro the payments are arranged only via International Bank Money Transfer. In the mentioned countries PayPal is not applicable.

Where should I indicate payment details?

Please log in to your profile and open section “More”, in the section “Payment method” choose PayPal and indicate your PayPal email.

What is Payment statement?

It is a payment document, invoice where you can see the sum for performed visits.

Who should I address on payment issues?

Mystery Shoppers Service Support.

Site navigation

How to apply for the visit?

To apply for the visit you need to find the appropriate location for you in open vacancies and apply for the visit by clicking “apply”. Our coordinator will contact you afterwards.

Why do I see not all available visits?

You see available visits in your radius, choose more radius in your settings or contact your coordinator.

Who is my coordinator?

All contacts you can find here

Where can I find detailed instruction to the visit (for which I applied)?

By clicking on the visit you can see the brief information to the visit where you will find a field where you can download the instruction and details to the visit.

I am assigned to the visit, but I can not find the survey in my inbox.

Contact your coordinator for clarifications.

I can not submit the survey.

You may have answered not all questions or haven’t passed the certification or you indicated the incorrect date of the visit. To check whether you answered all questions in the survey at the bottom of the survey click “Check complete”. Unanswered questions will be in red square.

I can not log in to the site.

You may not have passed the entry certification or haven’t filled your personal details. Should you have any problems with passing the entry certification, contact your coordinator.

How to change the language on the site?

Up in the right corner you can change the language by clicking on the flag.

Where can I find cooperation agreement?

While passing the entry certification you sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and also cooperation agreement. By clicking “accept” you accept the agreement terms.

How to recommend a friend and earn money for it?

Please read the instruction on refferal links : here

How to unsubscribe or delete from the system?

To delete from the system please contact one of our coordinators, in the subject of the letter indicate “unsubscribe”.

Thank you for your request!


Ekaterina Kushniruk | Regional Manager of the projects in IT, FR, IL, SK, SI, EE, BA, TM, MT, MK


Anna Hlukhykh | Regional Manager of the projects in NO, DK, PL, ES, GB, GR, HR, HU, BE, DE, PT


Olga Medvetskaia | Regional Manager of the projects in SE, FI, AT, CH, CZ, CY, JO, NL, AD, LT, LV


If you have any difficulties in working with our service or have any further questions, find answers in our groups: