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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping sounds exotic, doesn’t it?

Now just imagine how much more exotic it sounded 15 years ago, when we became the first company in the former USSR to offer a Secret Shopper service. We regularly had to clarify what we did and explain that our activities had nothing to do with the plot of a detective novel nor did we offer tourism services!

Since then, we have become the largest provider of Secret Shopper services in Eastern Europe. We have 15 years of experience in secret visits, undercover research, thorough inspections and unbiased staff projects. Through all of these, we not only improved the quality of our own customer service, but also the quality of service we give to our clients. We are convinced that the 1.15 million visits made by our secret shoppers have greatly contributed to making the service sector more professional. Therefore, if, while reading this, you found the term Mystery Shopping familiar, that’s partly down to us.

We will now explain why you need our Mystery Shoppers and how they can make both your customers happier and your business more profitable. Let’s start with the definition: what is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery Shopping is the act of specially-trained people using their expertise and a clear framework to evaluate your points of sale, establishment or organization while pretending to be regular customers. They observe everything, take note and later evaluate and report back about their experience as a customer

Customer experience is a key term in Mystery Shopping.

Customer experience is the impression given to the customer while they are interacting with your company.

In short, it is the result of your efforts and abilities that the customer uses to form their opinion about you.

This experience defines the level of the customer’s satisfaction with the customer service received at your establishment or organisation and directly influences their decision whether to return. It also influences the reviews and recommendations that customer will give about your establishment or organisation to their friends and family.

In order to thoroughly evaluate customer experience, we have developed a set of criteria that we adjust to each specific situation. We have also ensured that these criteria are effectively used to maximise accuracy.

The 4 bases of efficiency in the application for a technological Mystery Shopper

Good preparation

A large strategic base

Smart processing of the results

Compulsory and immediate integration of the results

Our base of trained and certified 4service agents includes more than 320 thousands people located in several different countries. Our Secret Shoppers complete three levels of training and the quality and thoroughness is regularly controlled with the help of cross-project trend monitoring.* The Secret Shoppers who over or under-report findings are sifted out.

The results processing and the use of the newest worldwide technologies are our particular pride 

Thanks to its convenience, rapidity and ability to thoroughly evaluate results, Mystery Shopping is applied to various types of customer-facing businesses.

What issues can companies solve with the help of Secret Shoppers?

Staff are constantly kept aware to ensure all customers receive the best possible service

Any issues among employees can be quickly detected

Staff can be motivated to do things that really improve customer experiences and financial KPIs (provide the examples except for «proactive sellings»)

Staff are encouraged to try their best to answer all customer queries and solve all problems.

Businesses are abled to get a detailed overview of the strong and weak points of its competitors

Mystery Shopping services can provide the necessary information for strategy development and further investments

4service’s Secret Shoppers are the combination of service connoisseurs, secret agents and ordinary people with unusual requests and demands.

The Mystery Shopping service is a useful tool to review the service climate of your organization, which, in turn, allows you to fully evaluate the impressions of your customers, detect any problem areas and raise both customer loyalty and your turnover to a new level.

Are you Interested in good level of service in your company?

You can get 10 mystery shoppers and an analytic report for your business in any country from us for free!

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