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Mystery Shopping for makers

A Mystery Shopper for the producer – a seller becomes your loyal partner!

Every producer is aware that employees working at points of sales are generally indifferent to the products they are selling. They are also generally indifferent to the choices mad my their customers, whether they choose X or Y model of vacuum cleaner or A or B brand of television. 4Service offers companies a unique tool to change this situation: its Mystery Shopper programme. The programme turns ordinary sales staff into loyal partners who will eagerly recommend your products to their customers.

How the Mystery Shopper service from 4Service works

The main tool used in the programme is a Secret Shopper. A Secret Shopper is a specially trained employee, who is usually ready to undertake any nature of task when required. There are currently more than 300,000 such employees at 4Service’s disposal across Eastern Europe, ready to visit your store at any given moment.

The mechanism of the Mystery Shopper programme has been thoroughly developed and verified ion numerous occasions:

  1. Before the programme starts, 4Service briefs the stores’ employees in detail and explains the programme’s benefits.
  2. The Mystery Shopper visits the store. If he/she is recommended a product made by your company, the store employee is rewarded.
  3. 1. An alternative to this method is for the company’s representative to reward the store employee following.

What changes can the Mystery Shopper programme offer your company?

This is a fair question for those who have just learnt about this service. The Mystery Shopper programme provides companies with 2 great benefits:

It boosts the sales of the specified products giving the producer more market influence and increases their competitiveness.

It increases the loyalty of employees. The programme encourages employees to become more loyal towards your products and company in general and recommend them to customers more and more often.

The Mystery Shopper service is an efficient service which helps to increase sales across a huge area. It provides companies with a way to boost income. The employees who have been rewarded for their recommendations to customers become loyal business partners and recommend the company’s products daily.

Do you want to encourage sales staff to recommend your product more often? – It is possible!

Do you dream about overtaking your competitors on the market? – We can help you!

Do you wish to improve your image within the trading network? – We know how you can achieve this!

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