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 NPS-management for producer

The NPSmanagement tool for products that helps customer loyalty exceed all expectations!

Large trading networks are accustomed to using the NPS management tool to increase long-term customer loyalty. However, this product alsooffers many more possibilities. Researching the customer loyalty index can also be of great benefit to the. 4Service’s efficiency and high productivity in the realms of customer loyalty research is proven by the 100% satisfaction rating and repeat requests.

Why customers’ loyalty towards the brand is important for producers

Sales volumes depend directly on customers’ loyalty towards the brand. The primary attitude towards a new brand is often neutral or neutral-negative, especially if the new brand appeared without an advertising campaign.

Nevertheless, it sometimes occurs that even the most powerful media campaign proves to be inefficient in the launch of a new brand or product and the producer must then evaluate why customers have ignored their latest product.

In these cases, the best solution is 4Service’s NPS management tool. The research conducted with the tool allows producers to gain insight into the actual state of affairs, the cause of low loyalty levels and necessary information needed to rectify the issues.

How NPS management increases customers’ product loyalty

300,000 secret shoppers from 4Service are always on hand to take on the task of reviewing customer loyalty.. They are able to:

Define the customer loyalty index to a particular brand.

Discover the reasons behind the loyalty, or lack thereof

Persuade the customer to become loyal with the help of polite and professional communication

Provide the producer with specific recommendations and action plans in order to amend the situation.

4Service’s NPSmanagement tool is based on three keystones:

  1. A live call centre. Our call-centre employees work without a script. They form their questions according to the customer’s previous response. Real-time communication with friendly employees encourages the customer to be the most sincere.
  2. Thorough training of employees. Our employees’ are tasked with discovering why businesses or organisations have low levels of customer loyalty. When the discussion is over, 4Service employees have a complete overview of why customer loyalty levels towwards a brand is low. This information is then passed on for further analysis.
  3. Providing businesses and producers with a detailed Action Plan that has been specifically adapted for your brand. The necessary data is collected with the help of the unique software, compatible with smartphones and tablets

What else should you know about 4Service’s NPS management tool?

The NPS index is extremely important for businesses to improve their efficiency. If defined correctly, the index offers producers valuable information about the product (or brand). However, more important aspects of the NPS index include the following:

A rise in the number of customers recommending the product to his friends and family.

An boost in turnover, with customers purchasing more products under your brand.

An increase in impluse purchases.

A rise in returning customers.

The product NPS management tool allows producers to obtain accurate data about the customer loyalty index in a short space of time. Having this information alongside the Action Plan enables producers to increase customer loyalty towards their product or brand as a whole.

Do you want to improve customer loyalty towards your products, rather than towards those of your competitors? – Order the NPS management tool for products!

Do you want to find out why the sales levels of your product are low? – Its easy with 4Service!

Do you want to make your customers more loyal to your brand? – 4Service maximises your chances of achievement!

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