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On-line testing

Online Testing from 4Service – a simple way to accurately evaluate staff competencies.

In order to consistently provide quality customer service, employees must be under continuous training to ensure the development of their competencies and skills. In order for the continuous training to take place, 4Service has developed an effective tool – Online Testing 4Service. This tool has received 100% client satisfaction.

Why the online testing of employees can be useful

Online testing allows the actual competency and motivation levels of employees to be evaluated with minimum time and energy from both the management team and the employees themselves.

There are several evaluation tests currently on the market which assess the following employees:

Sales advisors and sales agents;

Technicians and security guards;

Technical and engineering employees and middle-level managers;

Industry employees.

The evaluations can assess the following qualities:

Psychological stability and compatibility with the job description

Loyalty to the company and teamwork skills

Initiative and involvement in tasks

Professional skills and the ability to act appropriately in extraordinary situation.

The results collected during the evaluation often serve as the basis for reclassification and are important for solving any problems invovling employees.

Advantages of 4Service Online Testing

4Service specialists have developed and tested various online evaluations. These tests greatly benefit the managers of all kinds of businesses for the following reasons:

  1. 4Service’s evaluations enable managers to save time. Employees can do the evaluations anywhere at anytime, including outside working hours.
  2. The evaluations also save energy and money. There is no need to hire specialists to conduct the evaluations and analyse the results or to hire a special room or facility.
  3. They offer useful information in a simple formant. The responses provided by employees are collated and analysed using special software.

4Service online testing is simple, convenient and effective. The information collected by the evaluations allows employers to assess employees’ competency and morale levels. This information is also helpful in quickly and efficiently solving any employee issues which may during regular business activities.

Do you want to know what kind of person deserves to occupy a vacant position at your company? – We can help you!

Do you aim to get to know each employee better? – 4Service can make it possible.

Do you want to find out the competency levels of your sales staff? – The evaluations can give you an accurate representation!

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