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Price monitoring

4Service price monitoring and POSM audit – useful research tools for active producers

The modern producer must put in a lot of effort in order for his business to grow successfully. Apart from developing new goods and advertising products, it is also very useful to use market research tools. Price monitoring and POSM audit allow producers to obtain extremely important information regarding the point of sales that sell their goods. 4Service takes on the market research, providing the client with high-reliability.

Why 4Service should be entrusted with price monitoring

Price-tracking across points of sales is an important task for every producer. To track prices alone, the producer must either increase his/her employee headcount or delegate the task to existing employees responsible for other tasks.

However, the efficiency of price audits conducted by non-specialists is very low as a result of their lack of practical skills in the field of audit.. Furthermore, removing employees from their existing tasks to perform the audit is not a practical solution either, yet employing a monitoring specialist will incur a high-cost.

It is for these reasons that 4Service’s cooperation with third party specialist companies provides producers with the most cost-effective method to carry out the audit.

4Service performs the price monitoring quickly and efficiently and 100% of its clients return and request the service again and again due to their satisfaction with the quality and result of the research.

Who needs POSM audit?

POSM monitoring is essential for the producers who use the latest innovations in order to promote their goods. This type of audit includes the tracking of special products across various points of sale (e.g. refrigerators, windows, umbrellas, furniture).

During the evaluation, a variety of aspects, including product display, product appearance and functionality are assessed. The data is then sent to the producer with a note from the auditor.

4Service specialists are very experienced in the practise of price monitoring and POSM audit. We love our clients and therefore seek out only the most useful and reliable information. We take pride in our cooperation with producers and take responsibility for our work.

Do you want to track the prices of your product in retail points? – We will help you!

Would you like to examine products in a trade network? – We carefully examine each item type!

Do you want to find out the actual prices of your competitors? – Its easy with 4Service!

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