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4Service Census – We will examine every store for your business!

A network of retail stores is similar to a living organism. New stores appear and old ones cease to exist, while owners sell their stores or tenants give up their leases. These changes, although unavoidable, complicate the work of producers and distributors. However, 4Service Census is a service which can help companies retain commercial contracts and their control of the market.

How the store census is conducted

4Service Census is an important practise that is conducted in line with the following specifications:

  1. The chosen city/district/region is divided into separate sectors. Each sector is assigned to one person.
  2. A special map is created to keep records during the census.
  3. 4Service designs a clear schedule of the research practises and sets time limits.
  4. 4Service employees conduct the research as instructed, with special attention being paid to the areas covered and the communication with on location employees.

The information gathered during each day of the census is recorded using electronic databases and the credibility of the information is verified during checks undertaken by the manager.

Why a census is needed

The results of a census give companies a comprehensive overview of the retail network operating in the specified area.

The census also puts the following information at the client’s disposal:

the quantity of stores operating in the selected area, their specializations and the dimension of their salesrooms;

the contact details of the stores managers and the management organization;

the suppliers, their working hours and their preferred payment methods.

This information is then processed and given to the client in electronic format.

The data received during the census then forms the basis for:

the development of strategic business plans for product promotion

the creation of a distribution network or the modernization of the existing network

a retail-audit, if required

the analysis of companies’ competitors within the analysed areas

Ordering a 4Service census is quick and profitable. Thanks to the large number of staff working for 4Service, we are able to undertake such market research practises quickly and efficiently. We have a 100% customer satisfaction scoring, with all of our customers coming back for similar services.

Do you need a database for a brand makeover? – We can help you!

Would you like to get precise information about all stores operating within a specific area? – Welcome to 4Service!

Do you want to improve the way your distribution network functions? – We will provide you with all information you need!

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