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Staff motivation

The sellers’ motivation from producer – the sales are increasing unbelievably fast!

When launching the product, every producer expects the good sales. However, the reality is often different. Your product can be easily lost among the similar concurrent goods. To amend such situation 4Service offers a program motivating the sellers from producer.

Why the producer should motivate the sellers

The motivation program offers several significant advantages for the producer. During its realization:

  1. The sellers more frequently recommend your product to the customers. The amount of offers to buy your production increases in two times;
  2. Your trade network colleagues become more loyal towards your product; their personal interest in sales appears.
  3. The income from the growing sales fully covers the costs of the program.

A motivated seller becomes your ally in order to conquer the customer. Cooperating with him, you greatly increase your chances to realize your production and beat your competitors.

How the 4Service motivation program works

Having at our disposal more than 300 000 of secret shoppers, 4Service Group can conduct the motivational events for the sellers in thousands stores at a time.

The program realization was repeatedly verified on practice and is adjusted to the tiniest details:

Before program start the staff gets informed about its realization and is explained what advantages it can provide.

A secret shopper enters the store pretending to be a usual customer.

If the seller during the consultation offers your product, the Secret Shopper accepts to make a purchase.

At the cash desk the secret shopper reveals himself and awards the seller with a special artefact (a star, a present or a badge).

If during the discussion with the secret shopper the seller ignores your product, then the Secret Shopper can either keep his anonymity or reveal himself. It depends on the agreed in advance arrangements.

During the motivation program, our Secret Shopper makes an additional research in the store at the same time. Filling the special questionnaire, he detects the level of the customers’ devotion. Basing on the received data you get from our experts useful recommendations in order to increase the product sales.

The motivation program for sellers from the producer is an efficient method to improve the image of your production, to increase the sales and the level of your customer devotion. Its high performance is confirmed by the fact that 100% of producers appeal to us for this service again.

Do you want to increase your product sales? – We will help!

Do you want to make the sellers more loyal? – We offer you a real chance!

Do you intend to beat the concurrent companies in the battle for the customers? – With us it’s so easy!

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