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4Service surveys– great opportunities to find out the real opinions of your customers

In order for businesses to develop in the most effective way possible, it is important to get truthful feedback from customers, make well-timed amendments to business strategies and implement measures which will increase customer loyalty. 4Service offers you a unique tool to find out the real opinion of ypur customers: professionally developed surveys. The types of surveys we offer are:

Surveys at the store exit

This technique provides companies with the most accurate dataa. It encopmpasses customers of all ages, educational backgrounds, gender and income levels. With the help of the questionnaire, which 4Service prepares in advance, the interviewer is able to collect a large amount of information in several minutes and transfer it immediately to the special portal ShopMetrics.

The survey is conducted with the help of modern computer equipment, such as tablets, which contain an electronic version of the questionnaire. The customer interviews are also audio recorded while they take place.

Online surveys

Online surveys also offer companies various advantages. The use of online technology allows customers to provide feedback:

via email

via text message

via the company website

Online surveys are convenient for companies given that they:

    1. can be conducted twenty four hours a day, giving the customer the opportunity to select the best time for them
    2. obtain very detailed data as the customer has more time to share their feedback and opinions
    3. can be conducted at a low cost. The customers can access the site with no additional effort
    4. provide instant data. The information provided by the customers is sent directly to the client as soon as the customer has submitted it

Telephone surveys

The telephone surveys are conducted by the 4Service call-centre. We use INFINITY software which generates questionnaires, automatically fills in telephone numbers, filters responses and participants according to previously set parameters and records interviews.

When talking to a call-centre agent, the customer is more likely to provide accurate information. Trained specialists quickly set establish contact with customers and swiftly obtain their opinions about a variety of issues. The opportunity to give feedback increases the customer’s sense of loyalty to the brand or store.

4Service offers a wide variety of surveys, all of which are highly effective. With their help you can easily gain valuable insight into the opinions of your customer while avoiding having to spend money and time unecessarily. Acting on feedback provided by customers strengthens your business and retains your client base.

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