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Evaluation of involvement

Involvement evaluation from 4Service – an efficient help for integration of progressive changes!

It is obvious for every director that business needs to be constantly developed. He has plenty of new ideas demanding the soonest realization. However, apart from senior managers, each company has a lot of rank and file employees, who represent more than 80% of the whole staff. How deeply these employees are involved in the work affects directly the speed and efficiency of changes integration.

Why the involvement should be measured

The motivation level of rank and file employees has an impact on loads of important factors that determine your business successfulness:

Service quality;

Sales revenue (value of average receipt);

Customer’s devotion.

The employee deeply involved in work fulfils his duties with inspiration. His smile addressed to the customer is sincere. Such employee is ready to learn, to promote his company image and to show healthy initiative.

This attitude is always noticed by the customers. It is according to the rank and file employee’s attitude that customers form their opinion about your company. Thanks to the manager who talks eagerly about the advantages of the service and some specific product, the customer makes a purchase.

How 4Service involvement evaluation works

In order to evaluate the actual involvement level, the company 4Service created a special program. We included in it all the possible means:

    1. 300 000 secret shoppers who examine the service quality in the stores and provide the data for further analysis.
    2. Specifically created questionnaires for the rank and file employees, which allow evaluating the motivation and involvement level.
    3. Our specialists’ experience and their ability to analyse the received information and to offer the ways to increase the level of involvement.

4Service involvement evaluation has a clear direction. Awareness of the actual motivation level of your employees, developing specific recommendation to improve it and their realization are of benefit for your business. With us integrating of progressive changes and new achievements in your business become much easier.

Would you like to find out the involvement level of your employees? – We will provide you with truthful data!

Do you intend to increase the motivation level of your employees? – We offer you effective methods!

Are you planning to improve the service quality? – We can help you to do it as fast as possible!

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