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Kontrola dystrybucji

Distribution check – an effective way to track products in the trading network.

It is always difficult to expect the realization of goods and successful business development without the products being exposed on the stores shelves. Responsible and competent directors always pays due regard to this matter. In order to track their goods in the trading network, our loyal partners regularly order Distribution check proposed by 4Service. The researching results provide a lot of truthful and useful information.

How the Distribution Check is conducted on the spot

The Distribution Check can be performed in two ways:

Open. The auditor keeps the record of the goods in the open, the staff assists during the census.

Close. The census is held in secret, the staff prevents the data collection.

The close monitoring of products is mostly applied to analyse the market of concurrent enterprises. Whereas the open census is more often used to examine the company’s own market in the trading network.

What are the main benefits from the Distribution Check?

The Distribution Check allows getting the actual picture of the products representation in the retail trading network. The auditor detects the gaps in the assortment, the cases of poor goods display or their complete absence.

The received information serves as a great tool to improve the realization of goods. The defaults which were revealed during the census are to be corrected in no time. Basing on the explicit data received during the research, the producer has a right to demand vigorous actions from his trade partner to improve the situation.

The Distribution Check detects the defects in the work of trade representatives, merchandisers or sellers. This type of census will make them consider more diligently their duties, and also serve as a great incentive for the trade partners’ work.

4Service marketing researches are an important step for our dear clients. We help them to learn the truth about the representation and display of their products, operationally do the monotonous and difficult work. Our colleagues get to work audaciously and eagerly, collecting the needful information on the spot. Their sharp professional eye notices each tiny nuance. That is why 100% of our clients choose our marketing researches.

Would you like to evaluate your products display in the retail network? – We will help you!

Do you need actual information about the representation of the products in stores? – We will provide you with it!

Do you intend to check the work of sellers and merchandisers? – Contact 4Service!

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