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POS audyty

4Service Group POS-audit – your chance to inspect 1000 points of sale at a time!

Every point of sale in the corporation contributes to the general business success. The customer’s devotion depends directly on the employees’ appearance, display of advertising material and service quality. But often the negligent managers form a negative opinion about the whole brand. The efforts of hundreds of hard-working employees appear to be in vain. The situation gets even worse in case of the absence of proper control from the central office.

Why you need POS-audit from 4Service Group

In order to inspect all the bank branches or each gas station, it is necessary to spend thousands of hours, sending every day tens of employees from the central office.

It is complicated, inefficient and physically difficult. It is much easier and more profitable to involve to the audit the services of 4Service Group. We do the entire job instead of you and present you the full report of the taken steps.

Our method of the POS-audit was thoroughly planned and realised in practice hundreds of times

We get down to work after:

Qualified online-training, testing and guidance of our personnel;

Receiving of the written permission from the client to start the audit;

Learning the work standards of your company and the specialists’ recommendation.

Why POS-audit should be entrusted to 4Service Group

It is extremely difficult to inspect hundreds of sale points in a short time. Even if your team includes highly qualified specialists. For such work you need a more considerable team. And such team exists – 300 000 of secret shoppers in Eastern Europe are ready to follow your instructions. All these people were trained by our specialists and live in all parts of the country.

An efficient audit result is provided by 5 factors that form the basis of our company’s values:

  1. The benefit that our clients get from the researches.
  2. Truth that we share with our business partners.
  3. Passion for our work that helps you to enjoy our cooperation.
  4. Greed that helps us to achieve a success in every case.

To conduct the audit in 1000 points of sale is possible, when secret shoppers from 4Service Group get down to work. We act quickly and professionally, providing you with priceless information in order to success in your business.

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Do you want to find out what is going on in the points of sales? – We will tell you in details!

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