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Mystery Shopping sounds exotic, doesn’t it?

Now just imagine how much exotic it sounded 15 years ago when we became the first company in the Post-Soviet space, which offered the Secret Shopper service to the business. Sometimes we had to explain that detective novel or tourism services had nothing to do with this, believe us.

Since then we became the biggest provider of the Secret Shopper service in Eastern Europe. 15 years of secret visits, concealed researches, thorough inspections and unbiased staff test-drives did not only raise our own service level but the service quality of our clients as well. We are sure that 1 million and 150 thousands visits of our shoppers have greatly contributed to making our environment more comfortable and the services more professional. So, if while reading this text, you found the term Mystery Shopping familiar, we can feel that it was partially own merit.

Now back to business. We will tell you in several words why you need the Secret Shoppers and how they can make your customers happier and your business more profitable.

Let’s start with the definition – what is it at all?

Mystery Shopping is when specially trained people with practiced eye and clear criteria of service evaluation visit your point of sale, establishment or organization acting as usual customers. They spot everything, imperceptibly note, evaluate and then honestly tell about their customer experience in a special report.

Customer Experience is a key term.

Customer experience is the impressions of the customer that he gets while interacting with your company and that influence his further choice.

Basically, it is the total of your abilities to make your customers adore your business or to disappoint them.

This experience defines the level of customer’s satisfaction with your service and directly influences his decision about the first and the further purchases, as well as the reviews and recommendations that the customer will spread in his social circles.

We developed a set of criteria for thorough analysis of the customers’ experience, which we adjust to each specific situation. We also ensured that these criteria were effectively used.

4 efficiency bases of the technology Mystery Shopper application

Good preparation

A big strategic base

Smart-processing of the results

Compulsory and immediate integration

Our base of the trained and certified 4service agents includes more than 320 thousands people in different countries. Our Secret Shoppers complete three-leveled training, and the relevance of their reports is regularly controlled with the help of cross-project tendencies monitoring. The agents who tend to over- or understate the notes are sifted out.

The results processing and the use of the newest worldwide technologies are our particular pride 

Thanks to its convenience and fast and quantitatively measurable effect of the program, Mystery Shopping is applied to various types of business, where there is direct communication with the customer.

What tasks do the companies solve with the help of Secret Shoppers?

The organization of concealed control mode which keeps the staff “fit”.

Allows detecting the defaults and focus the staff on their removal.

Possibility to motivate the staff to the specific actions which are significant to the Customer Experience and financial KPI /p>

Encouraging the best employees and taking to the team’s arsenal the best practices.

Detailed learning of the strong and weak points of the competitors

The source of the necessary information for strategy development and investments direction

4service Secret Shoppers are the combination of service gourmets, secret agents and common people with unpredictable requests and mood changes.

It is a fine tool for exploring the service-climate of your organization, which allows to fully evaluate the impressions of your customers, to detect the problem areas and raise your customers’ loyalty to the new level. Therefore, your incomes as well.

4Service market research – an efficient detecting of problems and weak points of your business

Every manager perfectly knows that it is necessary to research the market in order to develop the business successfully. But only few companies really do it in a regular way. For that lots of reasons can be found: the lack of trained employees, absence of the reliable database of the respondents, lack of skills to analyse and generalise the information. 4Service specialists will provide you with real help, collecting the necessary information quickly and efficiently.

Why there is a need to make the researches

Marketing researches is an important tool to detect the state of affairs on the market, your position there and your weak points. During the telephone surveys great results can be obtained with the help of specially prepared questionnaires.

The research can be directed on various subjects:

Customers’ satisfaction with a brand in a certain segment;

Brand’s recognisability;

Defining the main criteria of the audience choice;

Level of customers’ loyality;

Service quality in the point of sales and other important aspects.

The researches conducted with the help of telephone survey offer some undeniable advantages in comparison with the real communication:

  1. Possibility of simultaneous survey on a big territory.
  2. Low cost of the research and decreasing expenses for the business trips.
  3. Instant data receiving and processing.
  4. Full control of the employees’ work, conducting the survey.

Why the 4Service researches are always efficient

4Service gladly researches the market for our clients. We have at our disposal “live” call-centre with competent specialists. Before starting the survey, each of them undergoes additional trainings and sets a preparatory testing.

The data received during the survey is instantly posted on the web-site and becomes available for the further analysis. The company management ordered the research can analyse the situation and make amendments in the real-time mode.

The special software SHOPMETRICS, developed in the USA allows an efficient processing of the filled questionnaires and make the analysis according to different parameters (age, gender, social status, place of living). Working with it is totally convenient.

4Service market research is an efficient help in business developing. Our telephone surveys are adjusted to the specific problem and detect existing defaults. You learn the truth and receive the possibility to evaluate the actual state of your own business. We easily get down to realising even the most audacious projects; we treat you with love and provide you with positive results.

Do you want to find out people’s attitude towards some product? – We will help!

Are you trying to understand why people reluctantly purchase your product? – We will provide you with clear answer!

Do you want to know how loyal the customers are towards your brand? – We will present you the actual data!

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4Service promotion audit – an efficient way to control the promotional offers.

In order to stimulate the product sales and to attract the customers’ attention towards the new product, the producers organize special promotions. For their realization the promoters get involved and considerable sums of money are allocated. 4Service promotion audit helps to control thoroughly the efficiency of the promotional offer.

Why the producers need a promotion audit

Organizing of the promotional offers in a correct way is a serious job of big number of people united by the competent management. Such events are often conducted in several stores at a time, which makes it difficult for the management to control its efficiency.

Involving a third-party firm in promotional audit with a large number of employees allows to the producer the following:

  1. Controlling the presence of promoters on the spot, as well as the time when they come and leave.
  2. Checking the quality of promoters’ work
  3. Getting the truthful information about the presence advertising material.
  4. Efficiently amending the situation in case of errors.

Why our promotional audit is always effective

4Service closely cooperates with the companies providing them with promotional audit services. More than 99% of clients contact us again to order this service for the following reasons:

A great number of trained auditors among our secret shoppers provide the simultaneous control on a huge territory.

Online portal and use of special program software allow the client to get the information from all over the country in real-time mode.

Our employees apart from providing you with the data about the current situation and make the specific recommendation in order to improve your service,

During the visits our auditors collect the specific data (audio records, photographs). You get at your disposal the accurate information substantiated with the artefacts and the filled questionnaires.

4Service promotional audit is powerful indeed. Its efficiency has been proved thousands of times in trade networks all over Eastern Europe. Hundreds of our business partners were able to make sure that the data that we carefully collect for you is absolutely accurate. Our eager and result-orientated colleagues will help you to realize even the most audacious business projects.

Would you like to increase the efficiency of your promotional offers? – We will help you!

Do you want to improve the control of the promotional budget expense? – Contact 4Service!

Do you intend to thoroughly analyse the promoters’ work? – We will provide you with the trustworthy information!