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4Service Census– We will examine every store for your business!

Retail stores network – is a living organism. Ceaselessly new stores appear, whereas the old ones finish their existence, the owners of the salesrooms sell their real estate or change the leaseholders. These inescapable changes greatly complicate the work of producers and distributors. Progressively the control over the situation on the market is lost, and the old commercial contats are getting feebler. In this case s the solution is 4Service Census.

How the census of the stores is conducted

4Service Census is an important action that is conducted according to the specific plan:

  1. The city (district or region) is divided into separate sectors. Each sector is attributed to one person.
  2. The special census-maps are created to keep the records.
  3. We design a clear schedule of the research and set time limits.
  4. The staff making the research is thorougly instructed. We pay special attention to covering of the integrity of the examined area and polite communication with the personnel on the spot.

Daily received information is recorded in the electronic database. Credibility of the received information is verified during the selection checks by the manager.

Why the census is needed

The result of the census is the full status information about the retail network of the examining area.

The client has at his disposal the information about:

the quantity of stores, their specialization and the dimension of their salesroom;

the contact details of the stores directors and the management organization;

the suppliers, working hours and the preferred payment methods.

The information is processed and then given to the client in electronic format. The data received during the census forms the basis for:

development of strategic plans of products promotion;

creation of distribution network and their modernization;

further conduction of retail-audit.

analysis of the concurrent position on the specific territory.

Ordering 4Service census is convenient and profitable. Due to the large staff we make such marketing researches quickly and efficiently. 100% of our clients repeatedly appeal to us for similar services.

Do you need an actual database for a new brand startover? – We can help you!

Would you like to get exact information about all stores? – Welcome to 4Service!

Do you intend to improve the distribution network functioning? – We will provide you with all information needed!

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