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Reviews monitoring on the Internet – total control of situation in the informational field

These days, in order to share the information with friends, there is a powerful way – the Internet. In the social networks and forums on various subjects millions of different situations are discussed every single minute. The topic which was created in the morning, around the evening receives hundreds of comments. A piece of information injected by someone gets more and more important and accumulates details.

Why it is important for the business to monitor the reviews on the Internet

The reviews and comments play an important role in the decision to purchase a product or a service. Before ordering the product, it became normal to find out first what the others think about it. You have simply to type in the search box: «Washing machine Zanussi – review» and immediately hundreds of links will appear on the screen.

People greedily read the reviews of other customers and, what is the most important, they believe them. 7 out of 10 our compatriots will consider the opinion of an absolute outsider and will refuse flatly to purchase a product with negative reviews.

The sales of the most high-quality product or the general image of the company will seriously suffer, if someone will expressively describe his negative experience.

The reviews online greatly influence the impressions of the potential customer about some specific product, store or brand. Trying to delete or to ignore the negative comments is foolish and very dangerous. It is much more beneficial to study this information and take necessary steps.

Advantages of 4Service monitoring

4Service monitoring of the reviews online will allow you to fully control the situation. The researches made by our employees propose you the following information:

What you are praised and criticized for.

How often it happens.

What products or services are appreciated or disapproved the most.

The customers’ attitude towards the concurrent companies.

What is general opinion about your business and why.

The efficiency of 4Service monitoring of reviews online is so significant that 100% of the clients contact us again to repeat the research.

Why 4Service monitoring is better than other similar offers

Indeed, why? After all there are loads of companies offering the same service an incompetent person may find it difficult to distinguish the high quality monitoring from the mediocre one. The uniqueness of our program consists in use of three main components:

    1. «Living» vocabulary. It contains thousands of various words and phrases registered during the practical researches. Our vocabulary is constantly filled with new data, it is growing and «living». With its help we can always find any review about any product.
    2. Manual processing of “big data”. Defining correctly the emotional background and dividing the adjectives is too difficult for a machine. Only human brain can detect such nuances. That is why manual processing of the data is a compulsory aspect of our monitoring.
    3. Automatic analysis. We use special software where it is necessary to segment the flows and to create the semantic core. The dispassionate automatic analysis will perfectly do its work. .

The total control of the situation in the information field is an important step towards the business success. With our help every review left by the customer will for your benefit. Using the possibilities and experience of 4Service monitoring, your reputation among the customers will be impeccable.

Do you want to know the real opinion about your business? – Welcome to 4Service!

You are worried about the situation on the sales points? – We will find the cause!

Would you like to get rid of the negative reviews online? –With us it is very easy!

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