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14 years ago, when 4Service company started to provide the service of "Mystery shopping", it sounded very exotic and was perceived as a kind of detective or tourist services. At present, "Mystery shopping" has become a universal tool to identify the gaps and weaknesses in the company's service.

Clothing stores are constantly active in the struggle for the buyer, and they are ready to use all possible marketing tools. In the middle price segment of the mass market goods the consumer does not as much appreciate the brand as the combination of price and quality of the goods. Therefore, the main competition is in precisely this aspect and an effective instrument for the clothing stores are sellouts.

Recent trend in mystery shopper method of quality assessment is featured with comparison and analysis of the data received during mysterious shopping using “real shoppers satisfaction”  (“customer satisfaction”) research method.

Feelings form our inner state as well as the opinion on different things. So if they are so important, why not to use emotion in sales? This can affect the business development and increase competitiveness  

In the last two year business has undergone five times changes than in the previous ten years. Rates are fast moving. The number of changes is ocean-wide. Everybody is trying to adapt and internal processes acceleration is unavoidable. However it’s easy to get rid of extra charges through customer judgement management. Expensive focus groups are receding into past and such management is to be done based on qualitative representative sampling analysis – it is the thing of the future.