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4Service study revealed what country service in the fast food restaurant chain McDonald's is better and friendlier.

Is there any way to manage the emotions of the sellers in the store or your own customers? The answer depends on what you are going to do. But the experts offer to take into account the emotional state of the employees and emotionally affect the buyers. Alina Andreeva, Chief Operational Officer of 4Service International told us in an interview on the essence and practice of the using of an approach called "oxytocin infection".

14 years ago, when 4Service company started to provide the service of "Mystery shopping", it sounded very exotic and was perceived as a kind of detective or tourist services. At present, "Mystery shopping" has become a universal tool to identify the gaps and weaknesses in the company's service.

Experts believe that the seller can and should take into account the state of the buyers, because it helps to make a positive influence on his attitude to the outlet and to the intention to make a purchase. Such thoughts shared Alina Andreeva, Chief Operational Officer of 4Service International.

Clothing stores are constantly active in the struggle for the buyer, and they are ready to use all possible marketing tools. In the middle price segment of the mass market goods the consumer does not as much appreciate the brand as the combination of price and quality of the goods. Therefore, the main competition is in precisely this aspect and an effective instrument for the clothing stores are sellouts.