This May, at the height of spring, 4Service auditors decided to use bicycles while traveling between outlet inspections. This is a way for employees to be active, help protect the planet from pollution, cut down on travel expenses, and enjoy their business commute.

After riding a bicycle in Kyiv for a year, 4Service auditor Sergey believes that a bike is the most convenient vehicle for a door-to-door trip, especially downtown. Sergey leaves his bike at bicycle parking. If there is no parking station, I park the bike near a post at a shop entrance, the auditor-bicyclist says. Perhaps it’s not entirely correct and not very aesthetically pleasing, but sometimes I have no alternative.

As Sergey said, public or private transportation costs a fortune (especially the latter) when used for business commuting; a bike helps reach locations with no travel costs. "Besides, a bike trip takes the same amount of time as any other transport, especially in traffic-heavy regions of Kyiv", - Sergey says.

As the experienced cyclist noted, another important byproduct of a bicycle ride is its benefit to one's health.

4Service strongly supports auditors who use bicycles for business commutes. The company believes that healthy lifestyles and environmental protection have a positive influence on both the employees and society as a whole. Employees who are satisfied with their lives and their commute to their workplaces will improve the quality of service provided, which is the first and foremost goal of 4Service.

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