It's no big secret that supermarket employees are not always polite with customers, that queues can be very long, that sometimes spoiled food can be found, and that cleanliness and tidiness standards are violated. According to a 4Service study, the greatest standards violation is shown by staff behind the counters of supermarkets.
As the industry analytical report of 4Service «The Study of Service Quality in Ukrainian Supermarkets» reads, 37% of employees behind counters do not greet customers and 32.5% of them do not say goodbye. Shop assistants do not always meet the standards, but they are the friendliest employees among the shop staff – it’s more common that they issue a greeting than a farewell. In 33.4% of cases shop assistants don’t finish a conversation with customers and in 16% of cases they don’t greet customers. Supermarket cashiers are more subject to the standards: 20 employees out of 100 don’t greet customers and 27 out of 100 don’t say goodbye to them.
Apart from standards compliance, there are a few other factors that influence the assessment and the level of customer satisfaction with service. For example, the "subjective index" shows most customers don’t like the interior of supermarkets: 27% of consumers see the interior of Ukrainian shops as either inconvenient or uncomfortable. Staff courtesy and friendliness is an indicator to be improved in food retail in Ukraine: 25% of customers are dissatisfied with interactions with supermarket employees and consider them to be rude and unfriendly.
The best thing in supermarkets, according to subjective customer assessment, is speed of service: 77.3% of customers are satisfied with the speed of service in food markets.
The industry report is based on data obtained during a Mystery Shopping program over the period from January 2013 to June 2014.
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