Exciting news!

On October 1st 4Service opened our office in Bratislava, the capital of the  Slovak Republic. The location is to serve as our 2nd operational hub in Europe with a  focus on managing our scheduling fieldwork inside the EU, and also to become our new 4Service Scheduling headquarters! Some of our brightest people have already relocated there - and they love it. And we have also hired some really good local people too. We have launched our European operations afresh out of this magnificent Central European city, sitting on the beautiful Danube, where  we have breathtaking views of the river from our office in the O2 business center.

We chose to locate our EU scheduling in Slovakia for lots of good reasons including
    • lots of highly qualified multi-lingual people to hire
    • location in the heart of Europe, close enough both to West and East of Europe
    • investor-friendly environment and support from the Slovak authorities
    • the friendly Slovaks who live there
    • buzzing nightlife, particularly in the Old Town
    • the  beer: Slovak, Czech and Austrian

This development means that our new Bratislava hub (currently 12 people) will manage 4Service operations in the European Union,  while the main Kiev hub (80 people presently) will take care of  our work in Central Asia, Turkey, Caucasus countries and the Middle East, and of course Ukraine. And of course we will keep managing our hugely successful Russian operation from the both  locations.

Our immediate future plans in Bratislava, beside the nightlife, include hiring more people to cope with our expanding business, both locally and EU wide, new investment into quality assurance and shopper care resources, decorating the office in a creative way, and growth, growth, growth…

You’ll hear more from us 

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