The World association for Social, Opinion and Market Research has welcomed the experience and the professionalism of the 4Service Group team.

ESOMAR Corporate MembershipThe World association for Social, Opinion and Market Research has welcomed the experience and the professionalism of the 4Service Group team.

ESOMAR (originally named The European Society for Opinion and Market Research) is the world association for market, social and opinion researchers, founded in 1948. According to its mission statement, ESOMAR encourages, advances and elevates market research worldwide. It was the first organization to promote protection of the rights of respondents independently of the method and format of research.

ESOMAR Corporate Membership was confirmed in March 2105. 4Service Group company has become a part of the Association with more than 4900 individual members and 280 corporate members representing a network of 20 000 professionals in the research industry from more than 130 countries worldwide. All members share exclusively the commitment to professional growth through increased credibility, knowledge, effective cooperation and consumer right protection.

The Mission and objectives of the Association are:

  • to promote worldwide the development and use of social, opinion and market research, being recognized forms of scientific endeavor and as an important basis for effective management decisions in both the public sectors and private sectors;
  • to further the professional interest of members of the Association irrespective of where they are domiciled or work;
  • to promote the use of the highest technical standards and levels of professional conduct by its members;
  • to develop professional standards and to establish code(s) of conduct;
  • to study and to render advise on national and/or international legal developments which may affect members and to cooperate with other stakeholders to promote and defend the legitimate interests of the sector, to legislators;
  • to organize meetings, conferences, seminars, publications and other activities by which all members may extend their knowledge, widen their experience and advance their professional status;
  • to engage in any other activity or activities as may be consistent with the interests of members. 

ESOMAR Corporate Membership offers 4Service:

  • Professional security. ESOMAR actively promotes a worldwide code of practice. All agree to abide by the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research, which has been endorsed or adopted by more than 60 associations worldwide.
  • Professional recognition, credibility and prestige;
  • Networking opportunities. ESOMAR connects experts from a range of sectors and industries. Corporate membership allows us to exchange fresh ideas, new learnings and challenge conventional thinking through a program of global and local events.
  • Professional development;
  • Legislative support both on a national and international level.

4Service Group

ESOMAR Corporate Membership will enhance the competitive advantage and credibility of the company.

It will also provide network contacts and instruments for constant improvement providing help in solving complex business tasks.

4Service Group will continue to work to improve service worldwide. Having ESOMAR Certification and Corporate Membership on our letterhead is a great honour. It is also a sign of the quality of the company and its operations, techniques and people that show our constant dedication to follow the best business standards and practices in the industry, in partnership with market research professionals around the World.

“As 4Service team keeps working hard to support businesses and research agencies around the world in delivering better service experience to their customers, our product portfolio is growing. In an effort to bring even more value to our clients, 4Service has expanded our services scope beyond mystery shopping years ago. Consequently, we see ourselves as a supplier of a broad range of market research services nowadays, rather than just a mystery shopping agency. We hope ESOMAR membership will open more opportunities for us to set our foot firmly in the market research world as the #1 provider of customer experience measurements in Europe and worldwide with the unparalleled dedication and expertise in the field operation”, - commented the significant event in the 4Service history its CEO, Alexey Tsysar.



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