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4Service market research – an efficient detecting of problems and weak points of your business

Every manager perfectly knows that it is necessary to research the market in order to develop the business successfully. But only few companies really do it in a regular way. For that lots of reasons can be found: the lack of trained employees, absence of the reliable database of the respondents, lack of skills to analyse and generalise the information. 4Service specialists will provide you with real help, collecting the necessary information quickly and efficiently.

Why there is a need to make the researches

Marketing researches is an important tool to detect the state of affairs on the market, your position there and your weak points. During the telephone surveys great results can be obtained with the help of specially prepared questionnaires.

The research can be directed on various subjects:

Customers’ satisfaction with a brand in a certain segment;

Brand’s recognisability;

Defining the main criteria of the audience choice;

Level of customers’ loyality;

Service quality in the point of sales and other important aspects.

The researches conducted with the help of telephone survey offer some undeniable advantages in comparison with the real communication:

  1. Possibility of simultaneous survey on a big territory.
  2. Low cost of the research and decreasing expenses for the business trips.
  3. Instant data receiving and processing.
  4. Full control of the employees’ work, conducting the survey.

Why the 4Service researches are always efficient

4Service gladly researches the market for our clients. We have at our disposal “live” call-centre with competent specialists. Before starting the survey, each of them undergoes additional trainings and sets a preparatory testing.

The data received during the survey is instantly posted on the web-site and becomes available for the further analysis. The company management ordered the research can analyse the situation and make amendments in the real-time mode.

The special software SHOPMETRICS, developed in the USA allows an efficient processing of the filled questionnaires and make the analysis according to different parameters (age, gender, social status, place of living). Working with it is totally convenient.

4Service market research is an efficient help in business developing. Our telephone surveys are adjusted to the specific problem and detect existing defaults. You learn the truth and receive the possibility to evaluate the actual state of your own business. We easily get down to realising even the most audacious projects; we treat you with love and provide you with positive results.

Do you want to find out people’s attitude towards some product? – We will help!

Are you trying to understand why people reluctantly purchase your product? – We will provide you with clear answer!

Do you want to know how loyal the customers are towards your brand? – We will present you the actual data!

4Service Merchandizing – maximal comfort for the customer to choose the product

Modern customer is rather fastidious and capricious. Certainly! In every town there are loads of shops with similar products where the customer is always welcome. In order to gain customer’s devotion, filling the shelves with products is not enough. Some efforts must be put both from producer and seller. There is a very efficient method – merchandizing, which includes a set of events to dress correctly the sales points.

What are the advantages of merchandizing for the producer?

Producer tends to consider his product as something unique and worthy of attention. However, for the final customer it doesn’t look the same way – for him the store shelves are overstocked with quite similar products, house-hold appliances or cell phones.

In order to be noticed among other similar goods, the product must be beautifully displayed. Merchandizing exists just for this.

A correct display of the products in the store must be the most comfortable for the customer making a purchase. It must attract his attention, provide the best vision and correspond to the price range of the neighbouring concurrent products.

Merchandizing contributes as well to improving both the producer’s image and the image of the store where the product is exposed.

Why 4Service merchandizing suits perfectly

4Service merchandizing is a success among the producers because it provides with:

  1. Modern technologies. The efficient audit of product display in the stores with the detailed description of the received data.
  2. Clever solutions. Efficient marketing researches on huge territories with the help of our experienced team of specialists and new employments.
  3. Quality analytics. Practical recommendations to increase the sales.

We offer you the most useful information only, putting aside everything superfluous. We gladly share with you the experience of worldwide practice of marketing. Sincere love to our clients helps us to solve the difficult tasks efficiently and on time. Trust us and you will realize even the most audacious projects to promote your business; and create the absolute comfort for the customer.

Do you want to get the maximum benefit from the correct product display? – We will help!

Would you like to improve you image in your customer’s eyes? – We know how to do it!

Do you intend to leave behind your competitor with the volume of sales? – With us it is more than possible!

4Service promotion audit – an efficient way to control the promotional offers.

In order to stimulate the product sales and to attract the customers’ attention towards the new product, the producers organize special promotions. For their realization the promoters get involved and considerable sums of money are allocated. 4Service promotion audit helps to control thoroughly the efficiency of the promotional offer.

Why the producers need a promotion audit

Organizing of the promotional offers in a correct way is a serious job of big number of people united by the competent management. Such events are often conducted in several stores at a time, which makes it difficult for the management to control its efficiency.

Involving a third-party firm in promotional audit with a large number of employees allows to the producer the following:

  1. Controlling the presence of promoters on the spot, as well as the time when they come and leave.
  2. Checking the quality of promoters’ work
  3. Getting the truthful information about the presence advertising material.
  4. Efficiently amending the situation in case of errors.

Why our promotional audit is always effective

4Service closely cooperates with the companies providing them with promotional audit services. More than 99% of clients contact us again to order this service for the following reasons:

A great number of trained auditors among our secret shoppers provide the simultaneous control on a huge territory.

Online portal and use of special program software allow the client to get the information from all over the country in real-time mode.

Our employees apart from providing you with the data about the current situation and make the specific recommendation in order to improve your service,

During the visits our auditors collect the specific data (audio records, photographs). You get at your disposal the accurate information substantiated with the artefacts and the filled questionnaires.

4Service promotional audit is powerful indeed. Its efficiency has been proved thousands of times in trade networks all over Eastern Europe. Hundreds of our business partners were able to make sure that the data that we carefully collect for you is absolutely accurate. Our eager and result-orientated colleagues will help you to realize even the most audacious business projects.

Would you like to increase the efficiency of your promotional offers? – We will help you!

Do you want to improve the control of the promotional budget expense? – Contact 4Service!

Do you intend to thoroughly analyse the promoters’ work? – We will provide you with the trustworthy information!

4Service price monitoring and POSM-audit – useful researches for the active producers

Modern producer has to put a lot of efforts in order to develop his business successfully. Apart from new goods developing and the product advertising it is very useful to use the marketing researches. Price monitoring and POSM-audit allow to obtain an extremely important information in the point of sales. 4Service gladly tackles this job and always provides the client with trustworthy data.

Why the price monitoring should be entrusted to 4Service

Tracking the prices in the points of sales is an important task for every producer. In order to realize it on his own, the producer has either to enlarge the number of the employees or to engage the employees who are responsible for other duties.

The efficiency of the price audit conducted by non-specialists is very low, because they have no practical skills in this domain. Moreover, the employee has to put aside his primary work and duties in order to make the audit.

However, employing the monitoring specialist will results in excessive costs.

That is why the cooperation with third-party specialized companies is the most optimal variant to carry out the price audit.

4Service perform the price monitoring quickly and efficiently. 100% of our clients order repeatedly this service since they are fully satisfied with the results of our researches.

Who needs POSM-audit

POSM-monitoring is essential for the producers who use the last innovations in order to promote their goods. This type of audit includes tracking the special equipment in the sales points (e.g. refrigerators, windows, umbrellas, furniture).

The auditor evaluates both the presence and the state of the equipment (the product display, appearance, functionality). The received data is accompanied by the subjective note from our specialist.

4Service specialists are very experienced in price monitoring and POSM audit. We love our clients, so during the research we procure for you only the most useful and trustworthy information. We are open to the cooperation with the producers and we are responsible for the results of our work.

Do you want to track the prices in the retail points? – We will help you!

Would you like to examine the equipment in the trade network? – We will examine carefully every refrigerator!

Do you want to find out the actual prices of your competitors? – With 4Service it is very easy!


Direct line with your Customers

They criticize you, they write slashing posts in the social networks, they praise you eagerly to their friends by telephone or confiding their outrage to their wives. Or even more often – they just burn their emotions and remarks inside and, as a result, do one of two things. They come back. Or they leave you forever. They are your customers.


We are ready for everything!

For about 17 years the company 4Service has been working on researching and improving of customer experience. We possess thousands of eyes and ears. More precisely, we have 500 000 usual people at hand who want to make their customer experience better. We are everywhere: we speak 29 languages and work in 52 countries of the world. We have a powerful analytic centre, where we watch every slightest vibration of social opinion about you and your business.


For the only reason - to let your service have even more satisfied customers and make your business flourish. If you, just like us, believe that the devotion of the client is the main capital of any business, welcome to the 4service laboratory!

With us the good companies become the best ones. We help you to put yourself in your clients' shoes, to hear them and make them happy.

Service Portfolio

Why do we do it better?

Why 4service
We love the good service ourselves
4service loves good service
We believe in its importance
We believe in service importance
We've been working in this business for a while

We are those guys who proposed the Mystery Shopping service for the first time in the former Soviet Union in 2001.
During this time our Secret Shoppers have given over a million of service evaluations of different branches, starting with fast-food restaurants and up to international banks. 4service became a major player not only in Russia and CIS, but also is growing rapidly in the European Union. We are the member of the leading International Professional Association of “mystery shopping” providers MSPA , and we are learning continuously from the best ones.

Our efficiency has
simple secrets:

  • 1. We trim the sails to the wind and we are using the most modern technologies in this sphere.
    Forget about the Secret Customer stereotype (Examiner), that was formed by TV. It is not a stress-show. Professional service of customers experience evaluation looks more like financial audit with involvement of analityc and special software. As a result - the insights about improving of your service and specific plan of action on your desk!
  • 2. We are committed to the five values of our company.
    About our values - Truth, Use, Love, Greed and Audacity – you can find out on the special page. We will just mention here that we consider each of these values absolutely seriously and sincerely. All right, we know that you are curious why we value Greed? In short, our Greed means our thirst for new tasks and achievements! It energizes us.
  • 3. We simply love what we are doing.
    We will not comment – just talk a bit with our team, and you will understand.

Are you ready to the changes?

So, you know the price of the service and you want some improvements of your company and, most important, you are ready to start.

But you are still not sure that what has suited to МТС, METRO, Ecco or Raiffeisen Bank – will succeed with your company.
No worries, just check out the compatibility of your situation with our profile.
For this you just have to drop in for a chat, telephone us or write us an e-mail.
You will get for free the list of our work examples in the cases similar to yours.

Sure you are ready!?

If you start working with 4service, there will be no formal "budget developing".

Oh no, we can’t do this way, every decision and every effort must lead us to some particular aim which will be definitely covered by the income increasing of your company.
So everyone will have to work. We expect our recommendations not to be put aside, but to be methodically realized. We have efficient means and technologies for motivating the staff for the changes and improving your service.
If you are not planning to fight for the result, better not contact us.
And remember: your customers - are your best teachers and counselors! We will help you to hear them. Better than anyone else )

* We believe in the return of investments!

P.S. And if You don’t believe – we will return them to you. ;)

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