Mystery Shopping Providers in Asia, Europe, North- and South America have participated in the Smiling Report 2012 which compiles customer service data from evaluations conducted across a spectrum of industries during 2011. The summary for the year 2011 is based on answers to more than 1.6 million questions covering Smile, Greeting and Add-on sales in 32 countries. Only 75% of the customers received a Smile in 2011. 79% of the customers were greeted while only 45% received an Add-on Sales suggestion.

Smiling The world average smiling score during 2008-2011 is 10% lower than it was 2004- 2007. Austria and Paraguay both had 96% which was the highest score during 2011, Iceland and Ukraine had the second best score with 93%. Pakistan again had the lowest results with only 37% smiling and also Asia had the lowest continent score with 57%. The best smiling continent was North America with 80%. Health & Beauty Care was the best smiling industry 2011 with 89%, followed by Hospitality on 85%. The Transport industry was again the lowest with only 51% smiling.

Greeting Since 2007 the world total score for greeting has been around 80% which is 7% lower than the average during 2004-2006. The highest greeting countries during 2011 were Chile and Colombia with 99%, Paraguay with 96%, followed by Hungary with 95% and Argentina with 94%. Also the greeting received the lowest score in Pakistan with 41% and Asia as a total had the lowest continent score with 67%. The best greeting continent was South America with 87%. The best greeting industry 2011 was within the Hospitality with 94% followed by Government with 92%, while the Transport industry had only 69% greeting.

Add-on Sales has always had the lowest scores compared with smiling and greeting, since the surveys started in 2004. In 2011 it was 45% which is one of the lowest scores ever, only 2010 was worse with 44%. Highest sales score was in Latvia with 90% followed by Colombia with 74%. Lowest was again Cyprus with only 15%, Greece had 22% and Sweden 23%. The highest scoring continent was Asia with 50% and the lowest scoring was South America with 28%. The Automotive industry had the highest score with 64%, while Retail, Transport, and Transport were between 43-44%. Leisure had 38% and Health & Beauty Care had the lowest add-on sales score with 36%.

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