It's no wonder that love is one of the key values of 4Service. After all, only a company that is in love with service, in love with the job, and in love with clients can cheer on better service quality. That is why we decided to demonstrate our love once again and make our clients happy while spreading our all-encompassing love to them and inspiring them to do good deeds in the name of customer service.

It is well known that people mostly love for no particular reason. “Just because!” is the first rule of best service according to 4Service. Last year in April we held an event carrying out this slogan when we delivered flowers and best wishes to our clients in Russia. The explanation was as follows: service must be sincere and free; clients should be pleased for no particular reason.

The second rule of best service according to 4Service is to “Exceed client expectations!” We held an event under the same name in Autumn 2013. We then astonished our clients: each of them received a watermelon delivered to their office. The feedback of our customers then exceeded our expectations too: we received an ocean of joy in response.

This time, following the first and second rules of best service, we give presents to our customers with all our hearts, trying to surpass customer expectations. And, as the first responses from gift recipients show, we’re succeeding at it. Why? Because we love, and love is the third rule of best service.

Service is love” is the name of our new summer event for our clients. This very moment, during these warm August days, we are presenting our customers throughout Russia with «Love is…» chewing gum and greeting cards, which remind them all about the third rule of best service.

We chose «Love is…» chewing gums for a reason. This childhood taste can evoke warm recollections about times when we were madly loved and cared for by our parents. The cheerful wrapping paper with words of love will remind everyone about true love, which brings real happiness to adults. Is there anything else more capable in instilling confidence and sense of security than love and care?

We are sure that love towards clients also makes them confident both that they are valuable and that they receive the best service in the whole world. And may all the clients across the whole world receive service for no particular reason, with sincere love from those who provide it! 

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