Have you ever tried to figure out the main differences in behavior of men and women as customers? And it is not about them visiting different kinds of shops or demanding different assortment. There are far more interesting questions worth to consider, such as how men and women react to lines at the cash-desk or who is willing to pay more if the shop-assistant is polite and friendly.

For a better understanding of the needs of shoppers the international research company 4Servise Group carried out a study of preferences of men and women when shopping for clothes and footwear.

One of the questions concerned the attitude to queues. 44, 5% of men have admitted their negative attitude to standing in a line, but at the same time 36.4% of respondents answered that they usually show understanding if the number of customers is excessive.

For women, the results were as follows: 42, 1% are not willing to waste their time waiting for their turn, 38, 9% are sympathetic to shop-assistants who cannot cope with large numbers of clients. Thus, the desire to indulge in new clothes still prevails. It is quite surprising that according to the survey - 19% of both men and women are neutral to queues.
The survey was conducted by 4Servise Group from November 2014 to February 2015 among clients of clothes and shoe stores in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. The results are based on the answers of 745 respondents.

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