Substandard goods, the wrong receipt, raw meat at a restaurant, a hair in the dish or dirty linens at a hotel –this is not the whole list of gaffes encountered in customer service companies. How often does poor service quality occur? And how often do companies have regain the lost trust of consumers and are forced to apologize?

The research company 4 Service Group tried to find answers to these questions by carrying out an international marketing research in the CIS countries. The results showed that the majority of customers received apologies from restaurants, fast-foods or supermarkets. 98% of all respondents answered that they have encountered poor quality of service or products in their experience.

The reassuring result is that in most cases the staff apologized immediately after the customer had informed them about the issue - this was mentioned by 58% percent of the respondents. As a rule, companies sincerely apologize by offering customers another service or product. 75% of customers responded that the company offered them to replace a product or service, while 56% of respondents received a sincere apology on behalf of the company’s management.
The survey results confirm once again that, even allowing an error in the service, there is always an opportunity to regain lost customer loyalty. The main point is to demonstrate care and attention to customers at the right time.
The survey was conducted by 4 Service Group in May and June 2015 among clients of restaurants, supermarkets, clothes and shoe stores, filling stations, etc. in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. 252 respondents aged 18 to 60 took part in the survey.

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