As part of our continued loyalty program "Gifts just ..." About 150 of our dearest customers from Russia have already received unusual souvenirs - branded boomerangs in vintage style

"Boomerang, as a symbol of how the service affects sales. For two years, our beloved and loyal customers, we give gifts to motivate them to improve the service quality of service in the company and just to set the mood. Boomerang - a symbol of the fact that the service is always returned as a bad or good. It returns the average check, regular customers, customer loyalty, profit margin, etc. In Russia, we held about 40 meetings with current clients - all delighted with our gift. Response - stunning. Top managers of the companies housed in the office of our boomerangs the most prominent place in their offices. "- Said Deputy Director of the direction of Russia Dmitry Pavlenko.

The idea of a gift received a lot of positive feedback from customers, some of them even the post it on their pages on social networks Facebook :;


Director of the retail network of the company «Ficha», Higonnet Kuzhabaev, wrote to us: «Thank you, boomerang simply amazing !!»

Note the original idea of the head of service of service of St. Petersburg chain of restaurants "House" Russian Yulia Shaburina «Thank you for boomerangs, very cool, original, bright. Great idea! »

We are very pleased that all the customers were satisfied with our modest, but impregnated by faith in the impact of the service, souvenirs. Now all our customers never for a moment forget that improving the quality of service, they lay a solid foundation for the continuous development of their companies and the return of their satisfied customers.

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