In April 2013 the 4Service company carried out a preference survey on the time within which a seller-consultant should approach a shopper in home appliance and electronics stores.

More than 1800 respondents from among the 4Service Mystery Shoppers in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan participated in the survey. According to the survey, both women and men in all three countries were united on the following: the ideal time for seller's offer of assistance in choosing goods is 3 to 4 minutes from the moment of a shopper's entry into the store. The highest percentage of the respondents (31%) expressed a wish to have the seller approach them for consultation on goods during the above period.

All in all, both women and men in the three countries approved the options which fell within the first 5 minutes of a shopper's stay in a store. The overwhelming majority of the respondents were for an offer of assistance within 1 to 5 minutes: 74% in Russia and Ukraine, and 60% in Kazakhstan.

It's interesting that women would need a bit more time than men to look round in a store and decide on the choice of goods. While men were loyal to the seller approaching either immediately after their entry into the store or within 1-2 minutes, women were opposed to an overly prompt offer of seller assistance. In Russia only 3% of the respondent women favored the seller's approach immediately after a shopper's entry, compared to 2% in Ukraine and 6% in Kazakhstan. More men were in favor of the same option: 6% in Russia and Ukraine, and 11% in Kazakhstan.

Also, the shoppers disliked the seller not paying attention to them as well as offering assistance only after 7 minutes or longer. At that, the men value their time spent in a store more than women do.

An interesting fact is that the Kazakh shoppers, as opposed to the Russians and Ukrainians, were more tolerant toward the scenario when the seller in a store ignored the shopper for a long time. In terms of figures, it looks as follows: in favor of the seller's approach to the shopper in a 7 to 10+ minute period were 8% of women and 3% of men in Russia; 6% of women and 5% of men in Ukraine and finally, 21% of women and 22% of men in Kazakhstan.

It should be noted that a rather large amount of shoppers in Russia and Ukraine want the seller to approach them only after they've asked the seller for assistance. In Russia and Ukraine this answer option took fourth place (14% in Russia and 17% in Ukraine), while Kazakh customers turned out to be less inclined to show their initiative and this option took the second to last position in the results of the Kazakh survey (9%).

On the whole, the survey of the 4Service company showed that the shoppers of home appliance and electronics stores in Russia and Ukraine were more demanding in terms of service quality than the Kazakh customers were. However, the shoppers in all three countries value a high level of service.

Survey reference:

1888 respondents participated in the survey. Shoppers who visit home appliance stores regularly were chosen for the survey; the sampling was balanced by sex and age. The survey was conducted in large cities of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

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