For the assessment of quality service 4Service`s Mystery Shoppers are choosing those companies, services and products where they are current clients.

A wide choice of projects in different branches and a broad geographical base allows Mystery Shoppers from 4Service Group to choose a specific location for service assessment near their house or work. Over the last year up to 80% of the service quality assessments in the Mystery Shopping projects have been made by real company clients.

The progressive software that we use makes the task of Mystery Shopping more effective. More often 4Service`s Mystery Shoppers are choosing their locations for service quality checks through an interactive map in the Shopmetrics system. This helps them choose locations near their house, place of work, or study. It is understandable! That is much more convenient to evaluate the level of service, without spending any time for travel, and it is much more pleasant to improve the quality of service in place, where you are usually being served.

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