Only a loyal and motivated employee can deliver high quality service and make a client happy. 4Service not only passes this idea on to its partners in service delivery, but also follows this principle in daily work. 4Service pays a lot of attention to promotion of loyalty and motivation among company staff.

To achieve this, regular trainings are carried out, including those to strengthen employee motivation. Thus, on the 5th of July in the head office in Kyiv, a one-day training session titled “Motivation: System and Tools” took place.

More than 20 people attended the session, mostly mid-level managers since the training was intended for them. A guest coach with ten years of experience, Tatyana Yemelyanova, shared her knowledge and practical experience with the participants.

Thanks to this training by an experienced coach, 4Service employees learned the basic principles of motivation system building and motivation management as well as analyzed widespread motivators, became skilled at interpreting them and drawing conclusions from the obtained data. They also learned about such motivation management tools as constructive cooperation, trust and transparency. Then the managers learnt to solve current employee work problems in order to achieve better performance from both employees and managers.


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