More than a third of supermarket customers in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan regularly visit the same supermarket. How do men and women choose a supermarket? Does gender affect criteria for choice? In order to answer these questions, 4Service conducted an opinion poll among supermarket shoppers.

According to the study, customers who buy from one or several favorite supermarkets have certain choice criteria. As expected, the majority (more than 70%) of customers prefer supermarkets near their home/office.

The second most important criterion is variety: 65% of men and women pay attention to selection when choosing a supermarket. Price influences choice for 63% of male respondents and 65% of female respondents.

Quality of products doesn't interest shoppers quite as much; men, however, are interested in quality 5% more often than women. 24% of men and 19% of women make their choices with the availability of quality goods in mind.

Special offers and discounts are 6% more interesting to women: 43% of men and 49% of women are attracted by shops’ special offers and discounts. It is worth noting that this criterion is far more important than the quality of goods.

Interestingly, staff courtesy, speed of service, cleanliness, and comfort are more important to men (18%, 22%, and 25% correspondingly).

Men, on average, choose supermarkets with these criteria in mind 5% more often. However, women (29%) pay attention to loyalty programs 3% more often than men.

If you regularly visit a particular supermarket, why do you do it? What influences your choice?

Wideomer loyalty program (discount cards, bonus programs)

This opinion poll was conducted by 4Service company in September 2014 among customers of grocery supermarkets in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan. 1364 people took part in the poll. Sampling was weighted according to gender and age.

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