In 24 out of 100 cases, bank employees in Kazakhstan didn’t greet customers and in 17 cases they didn’t say farewell, according to the data from 4Service company's analytical report “Service Quality Research on Personal Banking in Kazakhstan banks”. 

Greetings and farewells are service standards that exist in every service organization. Nevertheless, only 76% of bank employees in Kazakhstan greet customers and 83% of bank employees say goodbye to them. Bank customers think that 86% of bank employees are polite. 

Courtesy standards are met by Kazakh bank employees 10% more often than greeting standards; however, even this result shows that these standards compliance should be improved. Comparison of these data with results achieved in Russia and Ukraine suggests that standards in these countries are carried out more often on average.

Thus, customers in Ukrainian banks are greeted 5% more often than those in Kazakhstan. In Russia, the standard of bidding farewell by employees happens 11% more often.  Moreover, customers say the courtesy standard compliance is 7% higher in Ukrainian banks and 9% higher in Russian ones.

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