Standards of service are the minimal requirements that employees of service companies need to fulfill in order to provide quality service. However, it often seems that customers do not really care about such elements of service as a smile, greeting or employee’s politeness, and their main goal is to get through with the purchase as quickly as possible and go back to other tasks.

The research conducted by 4Service Group in autumn 2014 within the Servizoria project, nevertheless, showed that clients of both large and small stores pay attention to fulfillment of standards of service.

According to the results of the research, the majority of shoppers does not just pay attention to how supermarket employees meet service standards, but also consider this to be personally important. Two out of three clients (61%) say, that greetings, good-byes and politeness of employees mean a lot.

30% of respondents do pay attention to fulfillment of service standards, but find it no so important.

Only 4% of shoppers in retail claim that they are absolutely indifferent to behavior of shop staff. 5% of clients don’t pay attention to greetings and good-byes, but say, that this, probably, should be of importance.

This poll was conducted by 4Service Group for the online-shop for ordering Mystery Shopping services Servizoria in October-November 2014 in three countries: Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. The poll included responses from 493 people; the sample was gender- and age-weighted. 

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