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Irina Sheremetieva
Head of Client Services and Sales at Scheduling Worldwide by 4Service
Our partners from Europe, America, Australia appreciates us, at the first hand, due to the reliability and professionalism. Philosophy of our cooperation is the development of long-term and mutually beneficial relations with our partners that is based on the trust.
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+421 904 869 212
Firstova Iryna
CEO 4Service Group
Customer loyalty is one of the most expensive rewards for any company aimed at development. The very core of the successful service is in the sustainable work with customer. Our experience of many years and knowledge on the revealing of these unique and often changeable demands – always at your disposal.
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+38 044 545 60 25
Eugene Lobanov
General Manager for Central and Eastern Europe/Turkey, 4Service Group
Service creation is the most complicate and fascinating work in the world. This is a value that you should share all your life time. We are doing this more than 15 years. And ready to support and inspire everybody who enters upon this way.
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+7 495 258 56 87
Pashkovskiy Sergei
General Manager for South and Eastern Europe/ Central Asia, 4Service Group
Building an exellent customer service in the company is exciting and uneasy business task. Few companies managed to succed. But “slow and steady wins the race” and 4Service will accompany you in this race as the clever, honest and engaged partner.
4service contacts seo
+38 044 545 60 24
+38 067 549 22 74
Tegetthoffstrasse 7, Vienna 1010, Austria
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