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Distribution check

Distribution Check – an effective way to track products within the trading network

It is often difficult for successful business development to take place without products being exposed on stores shelves. However, mangers must often go to great lengths and incur large costs to get information on their trading network. In order to track their goods within the trading network, our loyal partners regularly use 4Service’s Distribution Check, a service that offers them accurate information about their business.

How the Distribution Check is conducted

The Distribution Check can be carried out in two ways:

Open - the auditor makes a record of the goods available with the assistance of the store employees working on site

Close - the record is made in secret without the on-site employees being made aware that it is taking place.

The closed method of the Distribution Check is primarily used to analyse the business situation of competitors, whereas the open Distribution Check is mainly used to examine the company’s own trading network.

What are the main benefits of the Distribution Check?

The Distribution Check allows businesses to get an overview of product representation within their retail-trading network. It will also detect any gaps within the product assortment, any cases of a poor display of goods as well as the absence of a product.

The information collected is extremely useful for companies in order to improve their product assortment. Any shortfalls found during the Distribution Check can be swiftly rectified and producers can request assistance from their trade partners.

The Distribution Check also detects any shortfalls in the work of trade representatives, merchandisers or sellers and serves as a great incentive for the trade partners’ work.

4Service market research services are important tools for producers. With them, our clients gain an insight into the representation and display of their products, while 4Service undertakes the difficult and often monotonous tasks so they don’t have to. Our enthusiastic employees work diligently to extract all relevant information in the shortest time possible, taking note of even the smallest details. It is for these reasons that 100% of customers chose our market research services.

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