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Evaluation of involvement

The staff involvement evaluation from 4Service – an efficient tool to help integrate progressive changes!

Every director knows that businesses must be continuously developed in order to stay competitive, and they often have plenty of ideas that require almost immediate implementation. However, 80% of employees working at a company are made up of non-managerial staff, and the speed and efficiency with which changes are implemented is directly linked to their involvement and commitment to their jobs.

Why staff involvement should be measured

The motivation levels of non-managerial staff members has a big impact on how successful a business is, in relation to:

The quality of service

Average sales revenue

Customer loyalty

A committed employee takes pride in his work, smiling at customers and offering them good customer services. He/She is ready to learn, take the initiative and promote the company.

This positive attitude is always noticed by customers and it is usually interactions with non-managerial staff that provide customers with the base on which to form their opinions on the company.

How 4Service’s staff involvement evaluation works

In order to evaluate how involved staff are working at various companies, 4Service has created a special program. During the evaluation:

    1. 300 000 mystery shoppers examine the quality of service offered in stores and collect data for further analysis.
    2. Distribute specially created questionnaires amongst non-managerial employees aimed at gaging their motivation and involvement levels.
    3. Information is analysed by specialists who then draw up methods to help companies boost staff involvement levels.

4Service’s involvement evaluation has a clear aim: develop specific methods to increase the motivation levels of your employees and develop which will benefit your business in the long-term. Implementing changes has become much easier with the help of 4Service.

Would you like to find out the commitment levels of your employees? – We will provide you with accurate data!

Do you aim to increase the motivation levels of your employees? – We can offer you effective methods!

Do you wish to improve the quality of service offered by your staff? – We can help you to do it as quickly as possible!

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