As a recent study showed, Australians are more loyal to companies offering good services and products rather than those offering discounts and freebies.

The survey was conducted by a business website, Word of Mouth Online, and involved more than 1,800 Australians. The respondents were asked to rank the factors that would make them return to the company. The study covered three service categories: beauty and health care, catering, and trade.

According to the survey, few Australians are lured in by discounted food and two-for-one drink promotions. Meanwhile, 93% consider good quality of food and beverages as a significant reason to return to a restaurant, cafe, or bar.

The quality of customer service was also an important factor for 79% of respondents. These respondents placed a high value on having an attentive and courteous staff.

As far as retailers go, most Australians place value on the qualification of the staff and quality of the goods. These factors were essential for 93% of respondents.

In addition, 81% of respondents prized staff communication skills and friendliness. Health care and beauty industry trends that offer fast service, samples, and cheap treatments turned out not to be motivators today.

Professionalism and quality service are important for 87% of respondents. The respondents indicated that these factors may encourage them to return to hairdressers, beauticians, and massage therapists.

Word of Mouth Online (WOMO) founder Fiona Adler believes that business owners have to focus on offering quality products and services instead of wasting resources on offers which may not attract customers.

"Companies should invest in staff training and use the best materials instead of using cheap tactics and discounts," Fiona says.

"They have to think of service and do their best to make every customer happy. Our survey shows that people are ready to wait longer or pay more, if they are sure that it's worth it. Quality equals loyalty."

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